Advantages of Using a Network By Ryan Riddell

Advantages of Using a
By Ryan Riddell
Shared Files
• The same files can be
accessed from
different computers
on the network
• Files can be traded,
passed along, or even
handed in
• Files on networks can
be passed along to
others on that
Shared Applications
• Applications can be
installed once, and used
throughout the network
• This saves money and
time because the
applications only need to
be brought once.
• This allows for the work to
get done anywhere on the
network because they all
have the same
Shared Resources
• The same resources
can be used
• This saves lots of
money because you
can use one printer
for the whole network
• This allows for the
internet to be shared
between many
computers as well
Network Protection
• This can stop others
from getting to your
• Passwords, firewalls,
encryption are used
• This prevents others
from getting into your
• This stops hackers as
Networks never die