Workshop Requirements

Workshop Requirements
Warm Up
(20 min)
Dance Workshop
(60 min)
(2 min)
(10 min)
Female Attire
Male Attire
 Students will be lead though a 20
min. warm up
 Students will be lead through an
hour dance class where they will
learn a short contemporary dance
 Students will then perform this
dance piece in small groups.
 Students will perform a 1-2 min
solo of there choice in any dance
 Students should choose a dance
that best demonstrates their
passion and ability for dance.
 Students must bring there own
music in CD or MP3 format.
 The interview will consist of a
few questions that are designed
to give prospective students a
chance to explain their interest,
motivation and dedication to
Iona’s Catholic Dance Program
 This interview will also give the
prospective student a chance to
ask questions about the practical
or theoretical components of the
 Black solid coloured body suit
 Black footless tights or black
 Bare Feet
 Hair should be pulled back in a
neat pony tail.
 Black solid coloured T-shirt
 Black footless tights or black