Companies that Participate in International Trade

Companies that Participate in International Trade
An In Depth Study of Canadian Companies
The purpose of this project is to research the extent to which a Canadian company is involved
in international trade. Each group will be given a separate company to research and the depth
of information available will vary. Students are expected to not only use the company website
but also search for information elsewhere (search engines, newspapers, etc.) The information
will be presented in a 10 minute presentation to the class using presentation graphic software
and any other visuals the group deems valuable.
When accessing the company’s website, be sure to look for “corporate” or “investor”
information as these links lead to information on the corporation’s statistics and their annual
The research and presentation should revolve around the following categories:
Company Information
- Name
- Products/Services Offered (specific or categories)
Brief History of Company
- history of company and history of international trade if available
Size of the Company
- Sales, number of facilities, number of employees, etc.
Extent of International Business
Part 1 ~ The Scope
- look for references to global trade in the company’s
annual report or prospectus
- quote mission statements, organizational charts, letters
to shareholders, etc.
Part 2 ~ The Facts
- look for any statistics relating to international trade
- export and/or import values
- value of total international trade, percentages, etc.
- number of facilities outside of Canada, etc.
- Basically…how international is this company?
Part 3 ~ Recent Events
- find three articles involving this company
- summarize each article in 2-3 points (don’t copy and
paste the whole article)
- each article must relate to an international issue
- contracts, foreign investments, exports, etc.
- be sure to source and date articles
Companies that Participate in International Trade
Canadian Company Selection Sheet
Air Canada
Barrick Gold
CN Rail
Four Seasons
Hudson Bay Company
Maple Leaf Foods
Placer Dome
Companies that Participate in International Trade
Presentation Evaluation Sheet
Selected Company:
/ 15
Thorough and well explained for all to understand (use of examples, descriptions, etc.)
Good analysis of company (complete products & services, location, size, history, etc.)
Articles selected were significant from an international perspective and well explained in their
own words
Abundant factual information (statistics, references to key documents)
Found quality quotes in key documents that reflect the international priorities of the company
Presentation followed an organized pattern
Communication (Visual)
/ 10
Slideshow was neat, error free, and of professional quality
Text is readable (size, font, amount of words, colour)
Used visual aids effectively
Graphics = Important ones used, Explained each, Gave appropriate time, etc.
Text = Show one point at a time, Highlight important points
Communication (Oral)
/ 10
Discussed topic with class and did not read to them
Made eye-contact and created a “learning” environment
Flow to presentation (properly paced, no long pauses, appeared practiced & comfortable)
/ 10
/ 10
/ 10
/ 35