The Green Gazette Curriculum At A Glance SHARING CORNER

The Green Gazette
Isaac Fox Elementary
January 29, 2016
Curriculum At A Glance
Isaac Fox first graders had a
special visit last week from Firefighter
Jeff of the Lake Zurich Fire Department. In
conjunction with the winter season, he spoke to us
about ice safety. He shared tips for being safe on
the ice and what to do if you are involved in an
accident on the ice. The children also learned about
two specific kinds of ice – frazzle and clear.
The February Reading Calendars are coming
home today in your child’s Home Folder. Please be
sure to look at the back side of the calendar. There
are ten prompts the children can follow to help them
practice retelling, or summarizing, a story. Please
engage with your children so they have a chance to
practice retelling several times throughout the month
of February.
Literacy- I’m so proud of the effort the students are putting into
writing personal narrative stories. They completed a second
narrative story this week. After using our Inspiration Collage for
ideas, we complete a Story Map to help organize our ideas. The
children are deepening their understanding of the revising, editing,
and publishing stages of the writing process.
I am impressed with the great contributions the children are
making to discussions about character traits (AKA: personality).
They are also learning how to find evidence in a story that helps
identify a character trait. Analyzing the main characters of a story
helps us deepen our understanding of the story. We’re also
learning how to retell, or summarize, a story. A summary includes
the key events from the beginning, middle, and end of a story, and
is told in order.
 Mrs. Green
Social Studies/Science – We concluded our study of groups this
week. The students were excited to begin our second science unit
on the topic of Rocks and Soil. Ask if they can tell you about
scientist, Beverly Goodman. We will resume recording vocabulary,
diagrams, reflections, and more in our Science Notebooks.
Math- We have been thinking more critically about Place Value.
The children have used a variety of manipulatives and engaged in
numerous hands-on activities to practice comparing and ordering
two-digit numbers up to 100. We started the chapter test today and
will finish on Monday. Thank you for playing “Let’s Compare” with
your children this week!
Feb. 1
January Reading Calendars Due
Week of February 1st
Feb. 4
100th Day poster Due
Week of February 8th
Feb. 5
100th Day of 1st Grade!
Week of February 16th
Feb. 11
Valentine’s Party + Early Release
Feb. 12
Institute Day – No School
Feb. 15
President’s Day – No School
Have a great weekend!
Posters are due on Monday, and personal items for sharing
should be sent in on Friday of your child’s week. Oral and
written communication skills are being practiced as students
present their poster & personal items, and we all write a
thank you letter to our star.
Mrs. Green
[email protected]