WS 2.1- Waters Polarity

WS 2.1- Waters Polarity
1. What makes earth unique among all the
planets in the solar system that we know
2. If there are 600 atoms of Hydrogen in a
glass of water, how many atoms of Oxygen
are in that water?
3. Explain why the oxygen atom in water has
a slight negative charge.
4. What is the name of the bond formed
between water molecules?
5. Finnish the following analogy to help explain the way water molecules stick together
Water molecules stick together like magnets. Though the oxygen of one water molecule ___________
to the Hydrogen of another water molecule, if two oxygen’s come near each other they will
____________ and if two hydrogen’s come near each other they will __________.
6. Explain why the two pictures below are incorrect:
7. What heats up faster, a sandy beach or the
8. Are the ocean’s or sandy beaches’
molecules vibrating faster?
9. Would Hydrogen bonding in water stop
molecules from vibrating?
10. Would it be hard or easy to swim through
a thick liquid like syrup or cement?
11. Would hydrogen bonding increase or
decrease the thickness of water?
12. What happens to waters volume as it turns
to ice?
13. Does most matter increase or decrease in
volume when liquid to solid?