Across 5. “home”. 9. This is created between organisms

5. “home”.
9. This is created between organisms
from pressures of limiting factors.
10. (2 words) Anything that limits a
12. Boundary between two ecosystems.
13. Group of interacting populations
(such as in a pond, forest, ect.)
14. Species that prefers a habitat
with edge and has had consistent
population increase in PA over the
past 50 years.
15. (2 words)Using plots to estimate
a population.
1. (2 words)The number of organisms
that a habitat can support.
2. Area used in a sample census.
3. (2 words)Bird that benefits from
4. Two organisms, whose offspring
can reproduce.
6. A line drawn through an
7. (2 words)Bird that requires open
spaces with available cavities.
8. (3 words)Method used to estimate
a population using trapping/capture.
9. A count of a population.
11. (2 words)Species not indigenous
to an are…