Congress of Vienna 1814-15

Congress of Vienna
The “Dancing” Congress
Delegates from all over Europe invited
 Kept busy with parties, balls, etc. while
main delegates made a peace treaty.
 Mostly from Austria, Prussia, Russia,
France and Britain
Major representatives!!!
Austria- Klemens von Metternich (and host)
Britain- Robert Castlereagh
France- Charles Tallyrand
Russia- Czar Alexander I
Also invited Belgium and Netherlands for
future defense against France.
Czar Alex I
Goals of the Congress
Reinstate Europe to Pre Revolution and Pre
Napoleon character
Promote Conservative ideals.
Create a league to defend against liberalism
Reinstate monarchies
Defend against French aggression
Give compensation to countries who
defeated Napoleon
Map Of Europe 1815
Terms of “Concert of Europe”
Restore the Bourbon monarchy– Louis 18
No war reparations for France– WHY??
France lost territory in Italy, along Rhine, in
Belgium, and a few colonial possessions
Set up Dutch monarchy
Prussia given territory along Rhine “Sentinel
on the Rhine”
Terms of “Concert of Europe” continued
Britain compensated with colonies and
strategic outposts they won during the wars
Austria gave up territory in Belgium but took
Venetia & Lombardy in Italy and former
Polish lands
Russia and Prussia almost go to war over
claim to possession!!
War between Prussia & Russia averted!
Russia had taken Finland but really wanted
to restore Poland and create a monarchy
with Alex as Czar!
Prussia would give up Polish territory but
only if they got large and wealthy Saxony!
Metternich and Castlereagh feared
unbalance if this occurred.
War between Prussia & Russia
averted! (continued)
Jan 3 1815- Fr, Br & Aus. Sign secret
alliance against PR and Rus should war
break out
Metternich moderates to avoid war & Pr Rus
accept compromise:
Russia establishes a small Polish Kingdom
and Prussia get 2/3 of Saxony
Napoleon escapes—100 days
Feb 1815 -OH NO!!
Quadruple alliance comes together again to
defeat Napoleon- (Exiled to St Helena now!)
Quadruple Alliance agrees to meet
periodically to discuss common interest!!
Goals are to stomp out liberalism where it
rears it ugly head and keep France in check
Holy Alliance Sept 1815
Brain storm of Czar Alex I
 Proclaims intent of 3 Eastern monarchs, PR,
Rus and Aus to rule exclusively on Christian
principles and work together to maintain
peace and justice. ( on their terms)
 Castlereagh refuses to sign- calls it “a piece
of sublime mysticism and nonsense”
Liberal movement rally against this until 1848
SOOOO---Who wins?? And why???
 Who is in control??? And why???
Unicorns rule!!!
 SEAN MCDONALDS <33 comrade craigers