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Borgmann, America in History
Chapter 13 Lesson 2 (323-329) Questions, The Early Cold War Years
Directions: Read the Lesson. Answer the following objectives by answering the questions. Use the page
numbers and the requested amount of answers. Bulleted answers are preferred in phrases/sentences
Describe how the spread of the Cold War beyond Europe caused the United States to
be involved in an armed conflict less than 5 years after WWII ended.
What was the Long Telegram and how did it shape US foreign policy? (323-4)
2. What crisis arose in Iran and how was it resolved? (324-4)
3. What caused and what was the Truman Doctrine? (324-6)
4. What problems faced Europe after WWII and what US plan was created to help Europe?
5. What caused and what was the Berlin Airlift? (325-6)
6. What was the purpose of NATO and who were the members? (326-4)
7. Who was in a Civil War in China and who did the US support? (327-2)
8. How did the US try to prevent communism in China and what was the outcome? (327-5)
9. What was the US policy in Japan? (327-4)
10. What started the Korean War and who helped? (327-6)
11. What moves did MacArthur make and what gets him fired? (328-4)
12. How did the Korean War end? How did it change policy? (329-4)