Kindergarten Weekly News Just a Reminder Books That Fill

Kindergarten Weekly News
Just a Reminder
Please send in a small object
from home that begins
with the letter “L” for our
alpha-friend of the week
on Friday, February 5th .
Please continue to practice
your popcorn word lists
and daily reading in your
child’s blue and red book
Please continue to practice
putting on and zippering
coats independently.
Children have been
making great progress in
being independent when
getting reading to pack
Valentine’s Day Parties will
be held on Wednesday,
2/10 for afternoon
kindergartners and
Thursday, February 11th
for morning
kindergartners. A list of
students in your child’s
class will be coming
home shortly to help you
address your Valentine’s
Day cards.
No School on Friday
February 12th and
Monday, February 15th
due to Teacher InService Day and
President’s Day.
January 29, 2016
We’re Flying High
Next week we will be learning
about letter “L”. Please
practice letter/sound
recognition with letter “L”, as
well as practice handwriting
with all letters we‘ve learned
thus far. /l/ is a lifter whose
sound is made by lifting the
tip of the tongue to the roof of
the mouth. Be careful to clip
that /l/ and do not add the “uh”
sound to the end.
Math: Students will begin
Unit 8 shortly. In this unit,
children will be utilizing their
knowledge of addition and
subtraction to identify and
solve problems of each type.
Three Cheers For…
Thank you to everyone who
donated items or
volunteered in the
classroom to help make
our hibernation day a
sleepy success!
Books That Fill
the Bill
Your Personal Penguin
By Sandra Boynton
Ideas for how to use this book at
This is a rollicking new song
from Sandra Boynton in book
form. Practice singing the song
with your child and identifying
the rhyming words. Discuss
some of the penguin facts your
child has leaned in school.
Create your own song or short
book using these facts and your
own illustrations. Bring it in to
share with the class.
Penguin’s Big Surprise
By Susie Jenkins-Pearce
Ideas for how to use this book at
In this story, little penguin
discovers a lost egg and learns
how to care for someone else.
Discuss with your child what
animals lay eggs (snakes,
turtles, frogs, lizards, all types of
birds, etc…) Create an initial
(beginning) sound game by
cutting out a dozen eggs from
construction paper. Then cut
each egg in half with a different
zigzag pattern. On the top half
of the egg, write an initial sound
such as /s/. On the bottom write
the word snake. Have your
child match up the initial sound
to its correct word match. To
make the game more
challenging, cover each initial
sound and say it only as your
child looks for its match.