Tutorial or Lab Ambassador – Student Worker I

Tutorial or Lab Ambassador – Student Worker I
Greet students entering the assigned lab or center and answer phones, provide accurate
information and direct visitors/callers to the correct person or location.
Assist students using Tutorial Center or Lab resources by providing orientations, collecting
applications, demonstrating computer use, introducing students to the tutors or staff, answering
questions about schedules, checking out books or materials to students, and communicating
unmet student needs or concerns to the coordinator.
Perform clerical duties related to recording keeping, distributing forms to staff and
administrators, dropping off and picking up mail, creating file folders, and word processing
Assist with opening and closing assigned lab or center: Light cleaning, arrange chairs, turn
computers and printers on or off, make sure signs are displayed, and report any missing
equipment to staff.
Regularly meet with assigned supervisor and attend lab assistant meetings.
Other duties as assigned.
Defining Characteristics:
No experience or education requirement.
Work under direct supervision.
Perform entry-level manual and clerical tasks that require simple
Tasks are simple, routine and repetitive.
Limited expectation to develop higher skill sets for the job.
Limited use of independent judgment and creativity.