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ELEMENTS, COMPOUNDS, AND MIXTURES Element – A substance made up of only one type of atom.
Molecule – The smallest piece of both elements and compounds formed when two or
more atoms chemically combine.
Formula – Chemical shorthand for a compound.
Coefficient – Tells how many molecules. 3H2O
Chemical Symbol for Hydrogen Chemical Symbol for Oxygen Subscript – Tells how any atoms are present. This means there are 3 water molecules and each molecule has
two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
Diatomic Molecules
H2 – Hydrogen
O2 – Oxygen
N2 - Nitrogen
HCl – Hydrochloric Acid
CO2 – Carbon dioxide
NaCl – Sodium chloride
Compound – A substance made up of two of more different types of elements that
chemically combine.
Mixture – A substance made from 2 or more other substances that do not chemically
combine and are easily identifiable.
Solution – A special type of mixture in which one substance (solute) dissolves into
another (solvent)
Water (universal solvent)
Rubbing Alcohol
Lemonade Mix
Fingernail Polish Remover (acetone)
Colloid – A special type of mixture in which very small particles of one substance are
distributed evenly throughout another substance and never settle to the bottom.
Examples: Milk, Shampoo, Fog, Honey
Suspension – A special type of mixture containing solid particles that is large enough to
settle to the bottom. Examples: Sandy Water, Hershey Syrup & Milk, Italian Salad