Plant Vocabulary


Plant Vocabulary

Chloroplast Green structures found in plant cells in which food is made.

Chlorophyll Green pigment in chloroplasts that help capture light.

Cell Wall Rigid layer of plant cells that provide structure and protection.

Gymnosperm A plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed by a protective fruit.

Angiosperm A flowering plant that produces seeds enclosed in a protective structure.

Photosynthesis The process by which light is captured and light energy is used to make food from carbon dioxide and water.

Seed A plant structure that contains a young plant inside a protective covering.


The baby plant inside the seed.

Cotyledon Help keep the new seedling fed until it can make its own food.

Germination When a seed comes to life and becomes a plant.

Monocot A plant that has only one cotyledon.

– Example: corn

Dicot A plant that has two cotyledons. – Example: a bean

Pollination The transfer of pollen from the male structure to the female structure.