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Germination Group Activity

Absorption of Water
Seed Proteins Activated…Activates Enzyme System
Swelling of Cells
Seed Coat Ruptures
Radicle Emerges
Seed Shoot Begins to Emerge
Leaves Form
Food Production via Photosynthesis Begins
Seed swells.
Radicle grows down.
Epicotyl grows up.
Epicotyl emerges, new leaves form, food production begins.
New root system develops.
Temporary root system no longer functions and dies.
Seed swells.
Radicle grows down.
Hypocotyl elongates, form arch that breaks soil surface.
Hypocotyl reaches light, straightens, cotyledons come above
Cotyledons turn green, make food until leaves develop.
As new leaves develop, cotyledons dry up and fall off.