Social Studies Ch. 5 Les. 1 Name __________________

Social Studies Ch. 5 Les. 1
Name __________________
People, Places and Vocabulary: - tell a little about these people, places and things:
Roanoke Island - _________________________________________________________
Walter Raleigh- __________________________________________________________
charter - ________________________________________________________________
indentured servant - _______________________________________________________
Mark each as true or false. If it’s false, rewrite the information under the sentence to
make it true.
_______ 1. Sir Walter Raleigh offered to organize the first colony for England. He
decided to send this first group of colonists to Plymouth Rock in New England.
_______ 2. John White was the leader of the colonists to Roanoke. He went with 100
other colonists. They were very successful, and lived very happily there.
________3. The Spanish were very happy to share the colonies with England. They
worked together to become very wealthy nations.
________4. The Jamestown colony was established after Roanoke failed. At first many
settlers began to die from disease and starvation. John Smith was elected to lead the
colony. His saying was “He that not work, shall not eat.” What did he mean by this
________ 5. One of the most successful crops in Virginia became tobacco. John Rolfe
developed the first tobacco plant that became very popular in England. The success of
tobacco gave rise to the need for indentured servants and slaves. Why were these two
groups needed to raise tobacco cash crops?
Write a journal entry:
You are a settler in the Roanoke colony. John White has just left for England to return
with supplies and more colonists. Shortly after leaving, something happens to the colony
wipes you all out, but doesn’t leave any trace of what has happened. Write a journal
entry to describe what happened to you and your fellow colonists.