Name: _______________________________________ Date: ___________ Class Pd: ____

Name: _______________________________________
Date: ___________
Class Pd: ____
Chapter 6 Section 1: Check Your Understanding
Page 174
Directions: Use the sections below to record your answers and responses to the end
of the section review. You should use your notes and textbook as a guide.
Thinking Critically
Computing in the Business World
Show work in the space given below:
Record Answers  Land $______________
Building $_______________
Problem 6-1 Determining and Allocating Asset Cost
(1) What amount is debited to the Equipment account?
(2) What is the depreciable cost of the press?
(3) Using the straight-line method of depreciation, what is the annual
depreciation for the press?
Problem 6-2 Analyzing a Source Document
Debit ____________________________________________________________
Amount $_____________
Credit ___________________________________________________________
Amount $_____________