Metalwork and Jewelry

Metalwork and Jewelry
Lesson Focus: You will further your knowledge of the soldering process by
focusing on sweat solder to create a multilevel pendent.
Sweat Solder: Sweat soldering is a process used when soldering large (usually
flat) areas together. It allows for neat and “unseen” solder seams.
 Develop a design that uses multiple layers of metal.
 Review the basic techniques for creating jewelry- sawing, piercing, filing,
soldering, and polishing. Using these techniques- any assortment of jewelry
can be created.
 You will create a pendent using multiple layers of metal. Consider the necklace
from which it will hang.
 Create 5 sketches. Your design can be abstract or representational.
 You must incorporate at least two layers of metal. (ex. Silver base with raised
copper design). You may use copper, brass, and/or nickel silver wire to create
one of the layers of design.
 Once you have your design, beginning creating your piece- be sure to
consider the pendent’s attachment to the necklace- how many holes, how
 What colors do you want to use?
 Once you have considered all of these areas, create your piece.
Nickel-silver, brass, copper
Nickel-silver, brass, copper wire
Saws, files, sand paper