Individual Project – Things They Carried

Individual Project – Things They Carried
Directions: A moral code is a system or collection of ideas about right and wrong
conduct. Choose a character from the collected works of Tim O’Brien and analyze
his/her moral code.
Write a two to three-page, double-spaced analysis of the character’s moral code.
Interesting options to explore are the character’s words, actions, interactions with
others, thoughts, reactions, etc. For each example you provide, analyze the example
for what it communicates about him or her.
Be sure to include a fantastic introduction! This should begin with a universal
statement about morality. Your thesis statement should appear at the end of the
introduction. Include at least five (5) examples for your character with analysis.
Other requirements:
Use Times New Roman font
Submit to by the end of the day on May 27th
Title the essay!
50 points – content with illustrative examples
25 points – conventions of standard written English
Extra Credit: illustrate an original drawing of your character (10 points)