Vietnam War

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Directions: Using the power point notes on the Vietnam War, answer the following
Vietnam War
1. What two countries had controlled Vietnam in the past?
2. If other counties had controlled Vietnam in the past, what do you think the
Vietnamese people wanted after WWII?
3. Who was Ho Chi Minh? What was he fighting for?
4. What happen to the country of Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh and his supporters
won the war against France?
5. Why did America go in and help President Diem in South Vietnam?
6. What was the domino theory?
7. Although American involvement in Vietnam started in the mid 1950s, most
Americans believe U.S. involvement began in 1960s. Why do Americans
think the war started 1964?
8. Why didn’t many Vietnamese in the South like President Diem?
9. Who were the Vietcong?
10. Why did protests against the Vietnam war start in America?
11. What did the pentagon papers show? Why did it outrage Americans?
12. When did the Vietnam War end? Did America win?
13. Was the country united into one country after the war?
14. How was Ho Chi Minh seen to most Vietnamese?
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