Stinky Cheese Man Callback List Connor Barr

Stinky Cheese Man
Callback List
Connor Barr
Ally Duvak
Kristian Emmons
Isabella Evangelista
Giacomo Fizzano
Heidi Fliegelman
DJ Gleason
Dan Jankauskas
Jordyn Kaplan
Jake Metzger
Riley McGowan
Angelica Moyer
Jenna Muir
Eve Taylor
Thanks to everyone who auditioned. There were many great auditions, but
unfortunately there are a limited number of roles.
Crew will probably start next week. Make sure that you sign up for the text
reminders to stay in the loop.
Actors on this callback list should prepare the song that has been shared with them
via Google drive. Callback auditions will start at 2:45 tomorrow in the auditorium.