Industrial Revolution Review

Industrial Revolution Review
1. Know the 20 inventors and their inventions.
1. Charles Townshend 2. Jethro Tull 3. James Watt 4. John Kay 5. James Hargreaves 6. Abraham Darby 7. Robert Fulton 8. George Stephenson 9. Florence Nightingale 10. Henry Bessemer 11. Alfred Nobel 12. Alessandro Volta 13. Thomas Edison 14. Alexander Graham Bell 15. Guglielmo Marconi 16. Louis Pasteur 17. Joseph Lister 18. Charles Darwin 19. Gottlieb Daimler 20. Henry Ford -
2. In what country did the Industrial Revolution begin?
3. What were the two most important natural resources for the Industrial Revolution?
4. In what industry did the Industrial Revolution begin?
5. Name a couple inventions that improved the textile industry.
6. How did Industrialization change the way in which people worked and lived?
7. List 2 new developments in transportation.
8. What jobs did the working class have? Describe how they lived.
9. Why did factories often prefer to hire women and children?
10. How much education did lower class children receive?
11. What jobs did the middle class have? Describe how the middle class lived.
12. What were they most concerned about? Give examples to support your answer.
13. Why didn't middle class women work?
14. What religion told working class people to just work hard, save their money, and stay
15. Who founded this religion?
16. How did labor unions protect the working class people?
17. Was the middle class sympathetic to the poor? Why/Why not?
18.What is Social Darwinism?