The End of WWI and the Treaty of Versailles

The End of WWI and the Treaty of Versailles
What happened in 1917?
1. The Russian ____________________
a. Russians overthrew their government
b. Signed the treaty of _____________________ with
________________ in order to leave the war
2. The US entered the war just before Russia withdrew
a. Provided a ____________ boost for the Allies
b. Germany surrendered and an ______________ was signed on
i. Armistice = _______________________
Effects of WWI
1. _____ million casualties
2. ________________ of influenza (flu)
a. Pandemic = ____________________________________
b. Killed _____ million people
3. Economic ($) problems
a. Allies wanted _____________________
b. Reparations = __________________________________
Paris Peace Conference – Created treaty that ended WWI
1. Dominated by the Big 3
a. ________________________ - US president
i. Goal = ___________________________________
ii. ___________________ - His plan for ending the war
b. ____________________________ - British Prime Minister
i. Goal = ___________________________________
c. ______________________________ - French Prime Minister
i. Goal = _________________________________
2. Problems at the meeting
a. Wilson was forced to compromise on many of his 14 Points, but not
the _______________________________________ - a worldwide
peacekeeping organization in which all countries would work
together to prevent war.
The Treaty of Versailles – Officially ended the war in 1919
1. Terms for Germany
a. Germany was _______________ for causing WWI
b. Germany was forced to pay $______ billion in reparations
c. ____________________________ were given back to France
d. Germany lost all of its ________________________
e. Had to reduce its ______________ to a 3-5-5 ratio with Britain and
2. Terms for the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary
a. Both empires were _____________________ to make them less
b. ____________________________ - country created for the Slavs
3. Terms for colonies
a. ____________________________________________, the ability
to choose one’s political status, was granted to Slavs, but not
Africans or Asians.
b. Former German colonies became ___________________ that
were now governed by Britain and France
Unhappy Countries
1. __________________________ - Punished too harshly
2. __________________________ - Did not gain land in A-H
3. __________________________ - Did not get to expand into China
4. __________________________ - Did not get anything from the treaty
5. __________________________ - Forced to compromise greatly on the
Why was this a problem?
These problems will lead these countries to fight once more in World War II