NAME: DATE: USII.4a The Spanish America War

USII.4a The Spanish America War – Cloze Activity
In 1898, the United States declared war on (Spain, England, France).
Though the Spanish American War lasted only four months, the U.S.
victory over Spain had a very important result - the United States became
a (world power, poor country, rich nation). What were the reasons for the
Spanish American War? In the late 1800s, Spain controlled (Cuba, Canada,
California) as well as Puerto Rico, the Phillipine Islands and Guam. Cubans,
however, wanted (independence, money) from Spain, and many Americans
supported the Cubans' struggle. Americans supported the Cuban rebels for
two reasons. First, many Americans had come to Cuba recently to start
(businesses, farms, fires), and these Americans felt business interests in
Cuba must be protected. Second, (exaggerated news reports, television
programs) about Spain's harsh and cruel policies in Cuba angered
Americans and turned them against Spain. In 1898, President McKinley
ordered the battleship (Maine, Kentucky, Monitor) to Cuba to protect
Americans living there. A few weeks later, for unknown reasons, the
battleship Maine (exploded, turned around). Furious Americans blamed
Spain and called for action. The United States (declared war on, signed a
treaty with) on Spain.