 Verbs are actions or states of being. describe

Verbs are actions or states of being.
(am is are was were be been being)
Adjectives that describe the subject are not verbs . (She
is nice. The team had been excited. The book was
In many sentences, helping verbs accompany the main
verb of the sentence. (did call, can talk, was dialing
had been arguing)
There can be multiple verbs in a sentence. (We ran and
In questions, helping verbs are often separated from
main verbs by the subject. (When did she call?)
Subjects are nouns or pronouns
Subjects answer who/what verb? (doer of action)
There can be multiple subjects in a sentence. (Math
and physics are difficult subjects)
Subjects are never found within prepositional phrases
(Two of the culprits were caught. The presence of
the celebrity at the restaurant caused chao for the
people eating their meals.)
In questions, subjects are often found after a verb or
helping verb. (When did she call?)
Here/there are rarely subjects—subjects follow
here/there in the sentence, usually after a being verb.
(There are the books about hippos.)