 Monotheism Polytheism

 The belief in multiple gods  The belief in only one god
 gods have limited power
(air, sun, sea, etc.)
 The one god is all
 Historically, the oldest
forms of belief
 Examples:
 A more modern type of
 Examples:
 Ancient Egypt
 Greece and Rome
 Hinduism
 Judaism
 Christianity
 Islam
 Monotheistic Religion
 Start Date: around 2000 B.C.E.
 Major Religious Text: Torah
 Place of Worship: Temple/Synagogue
 Religious Leader: Rabbi
 Major Holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Yom
Our story begins…
Ancient Hebrews: Abraham
Abraham moves to Canaan (Modern Day
Palestine) around 2000 B.C.E.
Abraham is called the “father of the
Abraham believed God made a promise to
him that he would father a great nation and
that Canaan would belong to his people
From his grandson Jacob, a nation of 12 tribes
was eventually formed
Ancient Hebrews:
 Around 1300 B.C.E.
 Moses and the Hebrew people were living in
 God told Moses to go to the pharaoh and free the
 The Pharaoh refused and 10 plagues were sent to
the Egyptians
 The Exodus – the Hebrews leaving Egypt
 In the Wilderness God gave to Moses 10
commandments to be followed by the people
Kingdom of Israel:
 About 1000 B.C.E. David defeated Goliath
 Later, God made David king, and promised the
Hebrew kingdom will remain with his children
 The capitol of Israel was Jerusalem
 The Ark of the Covenant, a sacred object, was
brought to Jerusalem
Samuel 16:1-13
Samuel 37: 1-19
Kingdom of Israel:
 Solomon was David’s son, and king.
 He built a great temple to honor God.
 To build the temple the Hebrews were taxed
 Near his death the northern tribes broke away
forming their own kingdom of Israel
 Solomon’s descendants ruled until taken captive
by the Neo-Babylonians in 605 B.C.E.
Kings 6:1-38
Chapter 12 pgs. 112-119
 The Hebrew people have a rich history over many years.
 We will take a look at this culture.
 As a pair or individual, read through section 12.4
 Summarize the section in 3-4 sentences or 3-4 bullets.
Remember: Vocab Words, Places, Dates, Names, etc.
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