Setting a Secure Code for Printing from Xerox  Printers    Follow these steps to “lock” your print job in the Xerox machine from your computer. This allows you to 

Setting a Secure Code for Printing from Xerox Printers Follow these steps to “lock” your print job in the Xerox machine from your computer. This allows you to print the job when you are at the printer, thereby giving you security for your documents. At PC: When you are in the print screen, click on printer properties (just below the printer name) and choose secure print from the job type drop down menu. Enter a passcode and confirm. At MAC: Go to print screen, click on drop down menu for copies and pages and choose Xerox Features, under job type choose secure print, continue to turn off banner sheet, set your passcode and confirm. At the printer: Press job status button, find your job and touch it, touch release, enter code and confirm.