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Student Profile
Ani Chechopoulos, 2013 Scholarship Recipient
My experience in the two years I attended Middle College has no doubt left a lasting impression. Whenever I think of my “Middle College” days, what instantly comes to mind first is a strong sense of community. When you spend every day with a group of peers for two years, you cannot help but learn the nature of each individual and recognize the little quirks and qualities of each that contribute to the charisma and charm of the larger community. I have come to appreciate the insights offered by such a diversity of backgrounds, and while it was our unique differences that created Middle College’s rich culture, our understanding that we were all there for similar reasons stood as one of the greatest common denominators uniting us. Beyond this sense of community, I’ve also come to appreciate my academic growth. I very often find myself using the academic skills I acquired from Middle College in my college courses, and I now see that Middle College provides its students with additional skills that a traditional high school cannot, as Middle College students are also taught how to approach and navigate the environment of college academics. Middle College is undoubtedly a rigorous program, with plenty of opportunities for students to push and “enrich” themselves along the way. Now that I have successfully completed the program, I can look back with an objective eye and recognize that the way in which Mr. Lance and Mr. Clardy raised the bar in terms of their expectations for excellence resulted in my discovering personal new levels of capability and perseverance that I had never before been asked to find. I am currently attending College of San Mateo with perhaps one more semester to go before I can transfer to a university to complete my upper-­‚Äźdivision work. I am looking to apply to smaller schools, such as St. Mary’s College or Santa Clara University. I’ve decided to major in communications in hopes that it will work as a foundation for something such as writing for a magazine or working at an advertising agency. Thank you again, Middle College, for the rewarding experience! Ani Chechopoulos, Class of 2013 (Photo (from left to right): Eleni Chechopoulos (2009 Middle College graduate), Principal Greg Quigley, Ani Chechopoulos