Name: _________________________ Date: ______________ Period: ____ three dimensional

Name: _________________________ Date: ______________ Period: ____
Cell Model Project
1. You are to make a three dimensional model of a plant or animal cell
using whatever materials you choose. However, your structures must
be in the correct size/scale proportions with each other (i.e., your
ribosomes should not be larger than your nucleus). (10 points)
2. Your model must have at least ten (10) clearly labeled organelles
from your textbook. They must be spelled correctly. (Remember, not
all the cell structures are found in both plant and animal cells.) Plant
cells MUST have the 3 structures found in plants. (10 points)
Nuclear envelope
Cell wall (plant)
Cell membrane
Large vacuole (plant)
Chloroplasts (plant)
Golgi apparatus
Small vacuoles (animal)
Lysosome (animal)
Endoplasmic reticulum
3. On a separate piece of paper, you are to list and type or write neatly
a description of the function (JOB) of each of the cell structures. (20
4. Your name, period number, and a TITLE (plant or animal cell) must be
clearly visible (not on the bottom!) ON YOUR MODEL. (5 points)
5. Neatness, creative use of materials. (5 points)
Due date: _________________________________ Total 50 points.