•tATl COLLtat NEWS. FRIDAY. APRIL 22, 1839
Student-Faculty Committee Meets
Weekly To A i r Current Problems
T h e Student-Faculty Committee
has been meeting each week since
the middle of last semester for the
purpose of serving as a forum where
ideas and new activities can be
presented by either students or faculty for reaction with resulting recommendations as how such activities can best be carried out.
Members of the committee are:
Robert Betscha, Alan Weiner, Juniors; Prank McEvoy '57, representing
t h e Student-Faculty Relationship
Committee from Student Council;
and Olga Komonowski and Ann
Tobey, Seniors, from Myskania. Ellen C. Stokes, Dean of Women and
David Hartley, Dean of Men, represent two committees of the faculty;
Sorority Elections
from Page 1, Column k>
Ten freshmen were initiated into
Psi Gamma. They are: Edith Owens,
Normandy Pishko, Barbara McDonald, Judith Ambrosino, Joan Kopeza, Margaret Carr, Janet Senez, Patrica Kennedy, Gretchen Hurd and
Kerry Ann White.
Chi Sigma Theta on April 3, initiated: Doris Sturzener '57, Mildred Ahlers, Ann Bennett, Burnetta
Bromfield, Patricia Corcoran, Mary
Crawford, Marie Ditmer, Carol Edwards, Sue Pusco, Mary Ann Gerace,
Evelyn Klipfel, Eileen Lalley, Ruth
Larson, Marilyn Leach, Christine
Milllo, Sheila Monahan and Mary
Shelton, freshmen.
Seven were initiated
pledged to Gamma Kappa Phi.
Frances Gerht '57 and Dorothy
Meehan '58 were pledged. Those formally initiated were: Ann Ryan,
Jun'j Studley, J u n i o r s ; Edna Reger,
Joy Cafaro, Ann Vincent, B a r b a r a
Stetkar, Judy S w a n , freshmen.
Nine freshmen became members
of Beta Zeta. They a r e : Patricia Adams, Mary Bradley, Sally Harter,
J o a n La Peve, S u z a n n e Lieberman,
Gail Petty, Beverly Ross, Florene
Skutnik and Gretchen Wright.
Phi Delta recently pledged A r a n ka Vincze '57, B a r b a r a Di Francis
and J a n e t Moore, freshmen. Formal
initiation was held for Louise Christolon, Nancy
Sophomores; Delores H a m m o n d , Lee Hazeltino, Susan Durisek, Ann Hitchcock, Patricia Gearing and J e a n e t t e
Weinberg, freshmen.
New Construction
Catherine Newbold, Assistant Professor of Social Studies, represents
Faculty Council and Frank Carrino,
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, and L. Walter Schultze, Assistant Professor of Science, are
representatives from the whole faculty on the Committee.
Since this committee represents
diverse groups it is in no way a
policy making group but rather an
explanatory and advisory board set
up to aid the represented groups.
Some typical items considered
have been the formulation and circulation of a joint-statement on
chaperones, the collection of a list
of faculty members who are willing
to chaperone student events, review
of and recommendations to the social calendar committee, recommendation of the student leadership
conference held last spring, consideration of the space problem at
Pictured above Is the construction on the mi.Hon-doHar addition to
freshman camps and recommendation for 1955-56 seasons, considera- the College. The building will house facilities for the Music Department
tion of the dormitory and general
housing situation, exchange pro- and t h e Dramatics groups. It is expected to be completed by the end
gram and faculty cooperation in of next year.
' ' '
student activities.
M U D Committee
Releases Plans
For May 7 Show
Morning activities commencing a t
9:30 a.m. S a t u r d a y , May 7, for the
a n n u a l Moving-Up Day ceremonies
are tentatively scheduled for P a g e
Hall, reports Nancy Lighthall '55,
C h a i r m a n of Moving-Up Day. Definite a r r a n g e m e n t s h a v e been m a d e
to have the evening activities a t Albany High School.
Alan Weiner and Marie Devine,
Juniors, are co-directors of t h e evening show being staged a t 8 p.m.,
with a script w r i t t e n by Nancy Evans '55. This will be followed by the
Traditional Sing on the steps of
As a consequence of preliminary
construction efforts in Page the
stage is without c u r t a i n s .
T h e dress and instructions for
m a r c h lines will be carried in a later
« • « * ^ t e s M t a U g h t h J L MUD
w i t h e a c h d a s s m o v i n g u p i n t o tlu,
positions of t h e class preceding it.
F e a t u r e event is t h e tapping of the
1955-56 Myskania.
Real Gone Gal
2 460
', \.
Students To Vote In Assembly
Or Absentee For SA Officers
S A W i l l Elect SBF, Myskania,
Will Highlight A A Board, Class Officers Today
Today the student body will go to the polls and vote
MUD Evening in the
annual elections lor next year's officers for the
"This coming college year is one
"Members of S t u d e n t Association,
which I believe a n u m b e r of neces- as a candidate for President of S t u sary changes will take place. It is dent Association, I would like to
a year
in which t h e leaders of present the following platform:
our s t u d e n t government must look
i. T h e r e are organizations on
ahead into the n o t so distant fu- campus t h a t must, strive to improve
Voting will be
T h i s year's Moving-Up Day Show- Student Association and all four classes
ture and prepare for these changes, their effectiveness.
will be presented May 7 at 7:15 p.m. both in Assembly and absentee for everyone. Anyone can
W h a t are the conditions which
Some organizations have already
will necessitate change? T h e great- started the ball rolling in an at- at Albany High School, announces vote either in Assembly today or absentee in the lower
est one which I can foresee is a t - tempt to improve. S M I L E S has been Alan Weiner '56, Director of the peristyle of Draper, whether they have seats in the Astempting to operate a s t u d e n t gov- overhauled and i.s climbing back to Show. T h e original skit. -Dial M sembly or not. In Assembly, when the voting commences,
e r n m e n t set up for a college en- the position it once held on c a m p u s for Minerva," was written by Nancy people who have voted previously will be asked to leave
rollment of about one thousand, as an active, worthwhile organizaEvans '55. T h e Assistant Director is and the remaining people will vote. People who do not
with a present enrollment, of nearly tion on campus.
have Assembly seats will vote absentee.
AMIA has been presenting m o n t h - Marie Devine '50.
double t h a t size! W i t h i n the past
Sludrnt Association Candidates
few years, the college a d m i n i s t r a - ly inventories to S t u d e n t Council
The cast of the skit, whose theme
Running for t h e S t u d e n t Association lias to some degree met its and improving their checkout in an
lion offices are the following: For
problem of increased enrollment by a t t e m p t to keep a closer (rack of is "Class of '59 goes to Orientation
Class," includes Alan Weiner, firs!
President of s t u d e n t Association:
the construction of new buildings,
If those organizations which are professor; L a u r a B r u n o '55. C h i n a Robert Betscha, Joseph Kellv; Vice
addition of faculty members, and
President: David Kendig, ' F r a n k
most recently to d e v i a t e a registra- not finctioning properly would at- m a n ; Mary Ann Johnpoll, Arlene
McEvoy, Clyde Payne, and Joseph
tion and grading problem, the IBM tempt to seek out and solve their Yanks, Seniors, Ruth Fairburn '5(3
weaknesses. Student Association as
Albany S l a t e will be Hie host Taggart. Candidates for SA Secreand
a whole would profit greatly.
school for the 34 New York colleges tary are Mary Bradley, Mary CrawW h a t has student
2. Just ;is the organizations of Marie Devine, Museum Guide: Morford. Sally Harter, Marilyn' Leach,
done? Our past leaders have realiz- Student Association need improve- ton Hess. P h a r o a h : J a m e s Lock- attending I he Nineteenth Annual
Gail Petty, and Enid Vigilante.
ed this enrollment problem and ment, so does the Association itself. hart. Dinosaur, Sophomores; Arday and Saturday in the legislative Songleader c a n d i d a t e s uiclude:
have a t t e m p t e d to " s t r e t c h " our
The purpose of the present form i,. n e Yanks, student teacher; Nancy chambers of the capital. Six stu- Sheila Lister. Linda Niles, and M a r present town-meeting government, of government was to represent
Evans, second professor; Marilyn dents represent each college in tha Ross. Competing for SA B o a r d :
by making minor changes from some 1,400 students. As you can see
Erter '56. third professor.
bringing in bills and resolutions re- Gina Hilfiker, Marilyn House. Leon
time to time, to compensate for today, and every Friday, about 1,200
lating to the three areas of discus- Ogrodnik. Joseph Swierzowski.
enrollment. I feel t h a t we have votes and opinions are missing.
T h e chorus includes; Roger Ilaw- sion selected for this assembly: j u Candidates for Student Bopvri 0 f
gone beyond the "stretching point"
Because of this sad situation, the ver '55. Elaine Swartout. Carol S a n - venile delinquency in New York Finance a r e : Beatrice Englehardt,
and the time for c h a n g e is at hand. work of the New Types of Govern- ders. J u n i o r s . Julie Fink. Richard
MurState, educational television and Sam
In addition to increased enroll- ment committee should be intensi- Erbacher. Richard Feldman. Sopho- censorship of mass media, a n - nane. Barbara Salvatore, Vivian
ment, it is quite a p p a r a n t that fied and accelerated and, as soon as mores, T h o m a s Watthews. Joseph nounces Elnora Carrino. Assistant Schiro, William Shipengrover, and
something else is lacking. Assembl- it i.s possible our present, form of Barton. Robert Bossomworlh. t r e s h - Professor of Speech.
Siginund Smith.
ies while compulsory, draw less and government should be replaced by a men. Susan Garrett and Esther
The Class oi 1957 candidates a r e :
Tucker. Juniors, are I lie pianists;
A telecast of this morning's ses- Joseph Anderson, Richard Clifford,
less of a crowd each week. They
3. Since assemblies are not ful- Roberta Stein, '56, choreographer; sion will be made for WROW-TV. Dominick DeCeceo, Mary F o r m a n ,
are not sparked with fiery discussion t h a t the seniors here now once filling tlir purpose for which they Alan Stephenson '55, lights; Nancy Speakers on the television broadcast Morion Hess, J o a n n e k a z m e r c i k ,
Margaret will be: Phyllis Lyeth. Shirley Allen Trudy Stemmer. Competing from
h e a i d in their first years of college, were created, student, government Schneider, coordinator:
but r a t h e r with questions raised should be removed from the as- Williams, costumes; Marilyn De- and Patricia Kip, Juniors. T h e show the Class of 1958 are: Henry Aeeto,
S a n t a , props; Miss Fink, ushers, will be presented on the Ford News Ronald Alexander, David
my Myskania or Student Council sembly.
P a r a d e at 7:15 p.m.
members (who in many cases al- {Continued on Pant •'i. Column .V Sophomores: Watthews. staging.
Marie Dettmer, J a m e s Lorichhio,
ready know the answer) a t t e m p t i n g
Brent P a t t e n . Donald Rice.
Representing S t a t e at the sessions
to bring (joints of controversy be- Student Council:
Class of 195(i Candidates
of t h e assembly will be: Miss Allen
fore the s t u d e n t body. While fine
The ballot lor the Class of 1956
and Freida Cohen '58 for the juvenin purpose, this is often ineffective
ile delinquency committee, Miss Kip contains the following c a n d i d a t e s :
in results.
and Theresa Barber '56 lor the cen- President: Siginund S m i t h ; Vice
Yes, I am in favor of a represorship of mass media group; ;and President: Mary Brezny; Secretary:
sentative form of government. P l a n s
Miss Lyeth and Victor Goldie '57 for Vivian Schiro; Treasurer:
have been started this year, which
the committee on educational tele- Fusco; Student Council i four to be
will be available for presentation
vision, states Phyllis Bialow '50, De- elected i : Margaret Coogan, J e a n
T h e K i e l ion Rally and Budget calls for two Sophomores, two J u n - bate Council President, who i.s stu- Hageny. Marjorie Kelleher, Joseph
next year.
Kelly. Bruce King, Sam
KrchOur present election set. up and Assembly which came up during iors and two Seniors These were dent c h a i r m a n for the assembly.
niak. Roberta Stein. Richard Van
procedure i.s a n o t h e r point where mid-week forced S t u d e n t Council to selected, along with three alternates.
Slette, and Judy Vimmerstedt. P u b hold its session on Monday evening. From the class of '58: David Blum,
on Page lh Column V
licly Director candidates a r e : M a r Minor discussion took place when Jacqueline Paclil ; with
cia Dal bee, Carole Hughes, and
the members ol Council felt t h a t Bartholomew as alternate.
Margaret S t e a r n s and for Cheercomplete absentee balloting might class of '57: Nancy Schneider, J a m e s
leadi r: J a n e Ide.
be a belter plan t h a n allowing just Lockhart; Marie Carbone, alternate.
Candidates for Class of 1957
those in assembly to have the priv- From class of '50: Roberta Stein,
'1 he ballot lor I he Class of 1957
ilege ol the vote. But a Myskania J a n e; Marilyn Frier,
Program advisement for all stu- contains the following c a n d i d a t e s :
ruling ol lasl .semester calls for alternate.
dents returning in September, 1955. Presidenl : Sara J a n e Dully, F r a n k
assembly and absentee voting, which ICA Financial Motion
with regard to I he courses to be McEvoy: Vice President: Barbara
All freshmen i both September and thus killed any further voting proDavid Kendig '57 brought a finan- taken in the fall term will occur Davis, Michael Maxian; Secretary:
February e n t r a n t s ) will be required posals by Council.
cial motion before Council to dele- during the hours from 8:30 a.m. to Barbara Hungerford, Eleanor Roto attend Orientation Classes Tues- Revue Committee Elected
gate a person to go to Geneseo for 4:30 p.m , according lo the followday morning at 10 a.m. At that time
on Piuje a, Column 1)
The All-College Revue Committee
an ICA Constitution Conference. If ing schedule, specifies Ruth Lape,
freshmen will meet with the chairSA consents to the motion the re- Registrar of the college.
man of the d e p a r t m e n t in which
maining $27.00 in the transportation
they intend to major,
Freshmen whose surnames begin
line will be used.
Willi the letters A to L, Wednesday;
T h e room a l i g n m e n t s for these
Following this came the election surnames M to Z, Thursday; S o p h meetings will be posted on the S t u of Marie Carbone as Director of a omores with s u r n a m e s A lo I,, Frident Personnel Office bulletin board
Sayles Hall wiil hold its a n n u a l
in Draper Hall by Monday. F r e s h T h e third and last set ol Advanced committee lor selecting twelve s t u - day, May 0; s u r n a m e s M to Z, Monmen are reminded t h a t these meet- Dramatic Laboratory Plays will be dents to serve as a t t e n d a n t s at the day, May 9: Juniors Willi surname-, .Spring dance tonighl in the d o r m A In L. Tuesday, May 10; s u r n a m e s itory gymnasium from 9 p.m. to 1
ings will be conducted in different staged Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Draper Tulip Fest ival on May 11.
M to Z, Wednesday, May 11; Sen-, announces Alan Weiner '50,
rooms with only one d e p a r t m e n t m 349. This group of plays will in- St'B Revisions Accepted
a room, advises David Hartley and clude scenes from modern experiCouncil turned its a t t e n t i o n to iors and G r a d u a t e .students with (leinTal C h a i r m a n ol the event and
Ellen C. Stokes, Dean of Men and mental dramas.
SUB Consul in ion revisions. A pro- s u r n a m e s A to I,, Thursday, May Vice-President ol the dorm. T h e
Women, respectively.
A comedy by William Saroyall en- vision was made lo have Council go 12. s u r n a m e s M to Z. Friday, May theme ol the dance is 'Hawaiian
Holiday" with music by Clyde
The d e p a r t m e n t a l c h a i r m a n will titled "Across the Hoard or Tomor- over the SUB constitution annually.
Pa.\ lie's band.
discuss requirements for a major row Morning" will be directed by Revisions included a section which
All .students, including those comThe committee chairmen include:
and also for the minor in which the J o a n e Ginsburg '56. Helen Slubb.-. mini clearly defines requirements
Heus.s '57, refreshments;
student intends to matriculate. The '56 will direct a comedy-drama b.\ tor iry-outs ami attainment of SUB pleting degrees in June, who do not Robert
Pirandello entitled
"Right mt mbership
chairmen will also aid freshmen in l.lligl
RegisWilli,mi DeGinat, clean-up, freshmaking up a class program for next You Are, If You Think So." An
The WAA Budget was received
year. The Deans specify that li experiment in abstraction in words and unanimously passed through
Chaperones lor the semi-formal
any student i.s not sure as to what l a t h e r than paint will be directed SC.
Program advisement is Willi the (I,nice are
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
his major should be or is he can by Eleanor Goldman '5(i. T h e title
The Assembly Agenda: Elections,
receive aid in making a decision in of this last group of .scenes is "De- MUD .motion, ICA motion, SUB mo- head of Hie s t u d e n t s major de- Purdy. Directors of Sayles, and Mr.
sire" by Pablo Picasso.
and Mrs. Joseph Garcia.
the Student Personnel Office.
tion, and budgets, if time permits.
State W i l l Host
Legislative Group
Senior Receives
Lucille Carella '55 has been named
community a m b a s s a d o r from the
Niagara Falls J u n i o r C h a m b e r of
Commerce. She is one of two a m bassadors selected from the county
a n d has a choice of going to either
Israel or Turkey.
T h e final c a n d i d a t e s are chosen
by writing a letter explaining why
the candidate will m a k e a good a m bassador.
screened and nine were chosen for
a personal interview befcre the final two were selected.
T h e two delegates will go abroad
for the whole s u m m e r from the
middle of J u n e to t h e first of S e p tember. They will live with a family
and as a member of the family. T h e
around the country, sight-see and
observe the general characteristics
of the country. They will take slides
of the countryside and native people. When the delegates r e t u r n they
will make speeches and show the
slides to various organizations in
the Niagara Falls area.
Legislative Body Elects Revue
Committee; Accepts SUB Revisions
Registrar Slates
Advis ement nan
Frosh To Attend
Orientation Gas s
AD To Present Final
Lab Plays
Distributive Education
Club Elects Officers
This week the Distributive Education Club elected Its officers for
the coming school year, announces
Livingston Smith '56, the newly
elected publicity director.
The club's new president is Erwin Horowitz '56, who will take office Immediately. Vice President Is
Edson Travis '57. T h e club named
Joan Lopat, Secretary, and Josephine DiNoto, Treasurer, Juniors.
Historian for the group will be
Sheila Strongln '57.
Betscha, Kelly Vie For Top
Student Association Vote
£ LioGtn & Mum
Sayles Hall To Hold
Annual Spring Dance
• T A T E C O L L E G E N E W S . FRIDAY, A P R I L 2 0 . 1 0 5 3
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde . . .
Wednesday evening at the special Assembly a petition was brought before the Association requesting the
reversal of the Myskania decision which allows people with
Assembly seats to vote either in Assembly or absentee. The
petition was defeated because of a lack of ten votes.
Present at the Assembly were one hundred and one
persons out of seventeen hundred persons in this college.
Out of this extremely sparse gathering, fifty-seven voted
for the reversal of the ruling and fifty four against it. A yes
vote by two-thirds of the Assembly was needed to reject
the decision—ten more votes would have done it! Even in
this small gathering it was evident the majority of the
students were opposed to it. In a larger meeting the motion for the reversal would have been carried.
In effecting this decision, Myskania went against the
constitution by reading more into it than was there. Their
job is to interpret the constitution as it is set down, not
add to it at their will!
With this decision also, Assemblies will lose their
meaning. Their whole purpose—that of legislation and
voting, will be taken away and they will eventually be discontinued! With our present form of government, this
would be disastrous.
Originally Myskania was set up as an honorary body,
to which were elected members of the Association who
were active in the organizations on campus and who
By H E N D E R S O N a n d McEVOY
had shown interest in and had done something for
the school. Gradually, this was changed and as the
school grew, Myskania broadened its scope and became, VOTING
in name, a judiciary body as well. At the present time the
either in Assembly (in Page) or absentee a t the Myskie desk TODAY.
constitution refers to Myskania as "An honorary society T h e r e should be no reason why everyone should n o t vote. I n today's
you are n o t only voting for t h e S t u d e n t Association officers,
of Seniors, selected for the special abilities necessary for elections
also your class officers . . . voting is your privilege, exercise it wisely.
the execution of judicial duties and for the honor attached O'but SAY
to this office." In voting for Myskania each year, the StuF r a n c i s Scott Key probably s a w a less t a t t e r e d American flag t h a n
dent Association has not taken into consideration whether t h e one in front of NYSCT. P e r h a p s there's a fund some place which
be tapped for a new one.
or not the candidates are qualified to fulfill this require- Tcould
I M E M A R C H E S ON . . .
ment. Certainly this recent action shows a lack of knowlDaylight Saving Time finally proved to be the straw t h a t broke t h e
edge of the constitution and a definite disregard of ac- camel's back . . . regimented c h a o s seemed to be the order of t h e d a y .
T h e first p a r t of this week t h e clocks proved undependable, b u t the u n tion that should have been taken long ago.
bell r a n g with regularity.
A majority of the members of Myskania are not nec- expected
Not to be outdone, B r u b a c h e r ' s timepieces assumed organized conessarily qualified to act in both capacities—honorary and fusion, t h e S n a c k B a r giving u p completely.
judiciary. They have not had the experience, nor the abil- E M P T Y SPACES . . .
we've noticed t h e absence of roughly six volumes of the encycloity, to rule on the constitution and other very important
pedia in Bru's lower lounge. T h e whole is equal to the s u m of its p a r t s
matters that arise which require wise judgment. Myskania . . . a n d in this case there a r e n ' t enough parts. I t seems implausible
cannot act as both honorary and judicial body—they are t h a t they walked away. They've been took, we've been took, a n d there
you a r e .
simply not qualified.
. ..
We feel that the body should be either brought back D I Da YOU
rally? You were o n e of t h e elite if you did, or one of
to its original purpose—that of an honorary society—or those t treunndn i nthe
g for office. C a m p a i g n promises to rejuvenate school spirit
the members of Myskania should be elected for their abili- echoed around t h e n o t overly crowded room. We wish t h e new officers
good luck with their ambitious programs.
ties in judicial matters, according to the constitution!
after your class h a d been discussed? . . . or did you stay for
When Myskania made this ruling they maintained the leave
e n t i r e rally? Election Commission would be justified in being a n that they weren't establishing a precedent, that they would noyed a t t h e m a s s exodus which occurred after each set of introductions
leave strong recommendations stating that this was being a n d questions.
notice t h e absence of the pledged office-seekers from t h e special
done because of unusual extenuating circumstances.
assembly Wednesday n i g h t ?
But, in effect, they are establishing a precedent! By "budget"
appreciate t h e artistic endeavors of the various candidates? N o t
doing this they are inferring that Myskania has over- only a r e they politicians, b u t also gifted individuals with a n artistic
whelming powers—that their word is law and no one can flair. . . .
consider: . . . past actions speak as loud as present words.
contest it. The people who voted negatively Wednesday
evening were condoning this sad state of affairs. They were, YELLOW
t h e p a r a p h e r n a l i a for Moving-Up Day for the J u n i o r s h a s arrived
indirectly, giving Myskania full power over us—sanction- at Ye
Olde S t u d e n t e Shoppe i C o - o p to you). This quality m e r c h a n d i s e
ing all their decisions with no thought to the constitution can be yours for t h e p a y m e n t of a slight fee. Here's a c h a n c e to show
your class spirit, jolly J u n i o r s . . . We'll see you MUD.
or to the limits of their authority.
DOING I T . . .
Yesterday, while observing absentee voting, the fol- EVERYBODY'S
E E P formal this evening . . . A u r a n i a Club.
lowing conversation was overheard: Two members of SA S L S weekend next week.
K B likewise will take to the d a n c e floor then.
were marking their ballots, one saying to another, "Who
APA n o t to be outdone will hold their weekend a t t h a t time.
shall I vote for? Who do you want to get elected?—I'll
is holding t h e Senior Ball J u n e 10 . . . everyone invited.
vote for them!" This is just one example of the thought- T H E'55
ATRE . . .
lessness with which people cast their ballots. The ballotS u m m e r Arena T h e a t r e . . . J u l y 5 - August 12 . . . open to G r a d s ,
ing is supposed to be secret, but when Myskania was ap- Seniors, a n d a limited n u m b e r of J u n i o r s with permission . . . C. D u r y e a
Smith, I I I , of Alfred U, director. Questions a n d applications . . . c o n t a c t
proached and asked to do something about it, they refused. Dr.
R i ch ar d so n 6, as soon as possible.
If voting was restricted to the Assembly, there would be ??? Pettit,
none of this irresponsibility. The people who are interested,
W h o c a n explain it?
responsible, and who know the candidates and what they
stand for, would be the ones who cared enough to come
and vote and know what they are voting for. It is better
to have 400 wise voters than 600 foolish ones!
• • •
Kofiital Kap&iA,
For a change of pace I t h o u g h t
I'd dispense with a flicker d u n - d o w n
a n d touch on some o t h e r c i n e m a
c h a t t e r . ( T h e shows d o w n t o w n a r e n't w o r t h talking about.)
One t h i n g I'd like t o h i t u p o n is
t h e big screen. Don't be fooled by
CinemaScope a n d VistaVision. T h i s
process doesn't e a r m a r k a picture a
big money-rnaker. T h e big screen is
commonplace, now, a n d because it's
commonplace t h e movies done u p
today a r e n ' t all sensations. Critics
have proven t h a t movie-goers a r e so
gullible t h a t they overlook quality
in a show a n d go only to get t h e
thrill of seeing scenes unfold i n
gigantic proportions.
This lends to t h e question: Are
the technical values more i m p o r t a n t t h a n t h e aesthetic values? S u r veys today are proving t h e former
is so. L a u n c h i n g of j e t planes from
a carrier a n d leviathan I n d i a n m a s sacre scenes are s u p p l a n t i n g wellspoken love scenes.
Some directors refuse to be d u p e d .
T a k e Country Girl. T h e r e c u r r i n g
d o w n - t o - e a r t h shots h a d to be p h o tographed in b l a c k - a n d - w h i t e t o
establish t h e proper mood. So did
T h e W a t e r f r o n t bit.
Here's t h e reason w h y : C i n e m a Scope is good only for t h e big m u sical movies, etc. You c a n look over
the width of t h e screen a n d still
not take in all t h a t goes on. C o u n t r y
Girl was focused mostly on four
people a n d their conversations in
d r a m a t i c style. I t w a s imperative
t h a t a viewer's a t t e n t i o n be only o n
them. T h e r e could be n o room for
wandering eyes.
I'll be talking more later a b o u t
u p - a n d - c o m i n g Strategic Air C o m m a n d a n d Purple Plain.
done in 'Scope . . . a n d done well.
T h e y ' r e spectaculars, b u t in this
day a n d age of spectacular t h i n g s ,
why s h o u l d n ' t they be? Well, m o r e
on small-big screens later. Be seeing you. Be seeing movies.
To t h e Editor:
My a r g u m e n t with t h e K a n e n letter, which appeared in last week's
News, is n o t whether S t a t e College
should or should n o t have its n a m e
changed, b u t r a t h e r t h e quality of
intelligence unci professional d e meanor reflected by its writer a n d
all s t u d e n t s who would think a n d
reason as he does. T h e t h o u g h t s expressed in t h e K a n e n letter are shot
t h r o u g h a n d through with half
t r u t h , m e a n inference, a n d rash
emotionalism—all of which are a n tithetical to an intelligent or p r o fessional attitude.
He should be criticized for r e a soning t h a t this college will NECESSARILY be forced to a b a n d o n
its present liberal arts curriculum
a n d become an "education major"
institution as a consequence of the
proposed change in t h e school's
n a m e becoming effective. T h e r e is
absolutely no evidence, or even a
responsible hint, t h a t a change in
the school's name will be followed
by any change in the curriculum.
K a n e n ' s reaction to this issue h a s
been with his h e a r t r a t h e r t h a n his
head, which would be excusable
were it n o t for the fact t h a t he h a s
spent four years in training to avoid
just this pitfall.
He should be criticized for suggesting t h a t the education d e p a r t ment is behind the drive for the
n a m e change as a first step in m a k ing "education majors" of us all. As
a m a t t e r of fact, the education d e p a r t m e n t stands solidly together
Second Place ACP with the other d e p a r t m e n t s in t h e i r
First Place CSPA
F R I D A Y , APRIL 29
April 29, 1955
No. 10 unalterable opposition to the p r o 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Ab.sentee Voting, SA and Class Elections, Lower
posed n a m e change.
M e m b e r s of t h e N E W S s t a f f m a y b e r e a c h e d T u e s d a y a n d W e d n e s d a y from 7 t o
He .should be criticized for his
11 p . m . a t 2-3326, E x t . 11. P h o n e s : C o c h r a n e , 2-7830; L u f t 2-9812; S w l e r z o w s k l 2-3744;
10:00 a.m.
SA Assembly, Page.
Q o l d s t e l n 2-28128; L a c k e y 3-0277; M o o r e , 2-3328.
muddled thinking as d e m o n s t r a t e d
10:00 a.m.
D&A Affiliates, Room 111.
The undergraduate newspaper
of t h e N e w Y o r k S t a t e C o l l e g e for T e a c h e r s ; by his condemnation of the educap u b l i s h e d e v e r y F r i d a y o f t h e College y e a r by t h e N E W S B o a r d for t h e S t u d e n t
9:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. Sayles Spring Dance, Sayles Gym.
tion d e p a r t m e n t ' s " p r a g m a t i c t h e o Association.
9:00 p.m.-1:00a.m. Potter Formal, Aurania Club.
ries" in one p a r a g r a p h a n d then, in
Editor the following p a r a g r a p h , using this
5:30 p.m.
Newman Club Observance of May Day, St. Rose.
l'ulillo B e l a t l o n s
Editor same pragmatic method, which he
Editor has just condemned, to "prove" a
C i r c u l a t i o n Editor
10:00 a.m.
F r e s h m a n Orientation, .see SPO bulletin board for RONALD LACKEY
E x e c u t i v e Editor point: " T h e folly of dropping the
room assignment.
Editor liberal arts and of making education
Editor majors out of all State s t u d e n t s is
7:30 p.m.
News Board Meeting.
A s s o c i a t e Editor
8:00 p.m.
AD Plays, Draper 349
by the value placed
Editor best shown
upon the education courses t h e m - Feature
S p o r t s Editor selves!" Aside lroni this glaring in8:30a.m.-4:30 p.m. Pre-Reglstration frosh, A-L
Junior S p o r t s Editor
T H U R S D A Y , MAY 5
J u n i o r S p o r t s Editor consistency. Kanen could never have
8:30axn.-4:30 p.m. Frosh Pre-Regi.stration, M-Z.
been exposed to a pragmatic theory
P h o t o g r a p h e r of education at S t a t e because tills
7:30 p.m.
I n t e r n a t i o n a l Film G r o u p : "Specter of the Rose, JOHN K N A P P
All c o m m u n i c a t i o n s s h o u l d be a d d r e s s e d t o t h e e d i t o r a n d m u s t be s i g n e d . N a m e s philosophy
Draper 349.
went out the window
will be w i t h h e l d o n r e q u e s t . T h e S T A T E C O L L E C t E N E W S a s s u m e s n o r e s p o n s i b i l i t y for
7:30 p.m.
IVCF Panel, Brubacher.
with prohibition a n d wa.s supplanted
opinions expressed In its c o l u m n s or c o m m u n i c a t i o n s , a s such e x p r e s s i o n s d o n o t
F R I D A Y , MAY (i
by Dewey's instrumentallsin, which
n e c e s s a r i l y reflect Its views.
7.-30a.m.-4:30p.m. Soph P i e - R e g i s t r a t i o n , A-L.
is the education d e p a r t m e n t ' s philMONDAY, MAY 9
osophy today.
Closing d a t e for registrations—Selective Service Qualification Exapi.
Theodore Pedersun '57
Listed below are t h e n a m e s of
those people recommended a n d
suggested by this year's M y s k a n i a
for n e x t year's Myskania a n d those
n o m i n a t e d by S t u d e n t Association
along with a listing of their sc holastic average a n d record of t h e i r
(3), S t u d e n t Faculty
(31, E x change
All College
R e v u e . C h a i r m a n I 2 I , M e m b e r of C o m m i t tee i l l , R e v u e 11,2,3), All College R e c e p tion, C o - C h a i r m a n of E n t e r t a i n m e n t ( 2 , 3 ) ;
Class: Skit Committee
ll,2i, Skits
(2), Junlor-Frosh Revue (1),
B a n q u e t , M a s t e r of C e r e m o n i e s ( 2 ) ; D &
A Council: Affiliates
i l l , Council
Social Director (21, S t a t e Fair S k i t ( 3 ) ;
O t h e r : Red Cross E n t e r t a i n m e n t
Student Association Candidates
Following a r e the speeches given sports a n d dramatics.
e n t Association. I a m confident
by t h e candidates for S t u d e n t AsI huve tiled to represent in S t u d - t h a t I a m capable of serving you,
sociation offices in Assembly P r l - e n t Council nnd on its Exchange t h e members of t h e college, by
h e Rally
.._.. a .n d, a *t t..-- .. Tuesday.
a n d S t u d e n t - F a c u l t y working a s secretary In t h e organiCommittee.
zation with which we shoul all be
Vice Presidential Candidates
I have tried to work a n d speak s o vitally concerned.
David Kendig:
for your ideas.
* have served a s a S t u d e n t C o u n I should like to serve you a n d c i l Representative in m y J u n i o r
"I am r u n n i n g for t h e office of
a n d
Senior years of High School
Vice-President of t h e S t u d e n t Asso- S t a t e College."
S c h o l a s t i c a v e r a g e , 3.38; S t u d e n t A s s o and
have a working
ciation because I believe t h a t t h e r e
ciation: Vice-President (3), Student Counknowledge of how a s t u d e n t governSTUDENT
is a n optornistic future to our S t u d - Clyde P a y n e
(1,2) S t u d e n t
(2), Member
Exchange Susan
" T h a n k you Bob, Myskania, a n d ' " e n t is r u n . I have h a d secretarial
ent Government, a belief t h a t h a s
Program, Committee Member (2i, C h a i r S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.76; S t u d e n t A s s o - hnnn nrnnired from m v work "in t h e fellow students.
experience in a n office, a n d I have
m a n ( 3 ) , F i n a n c i a l Policy C o m m i t t e e 13), c i a t i o n : S t u d e n t B o a r d of F l n n n c c , M e m servod
ag g ^ ; , . ^ ^
of o u r W g h
l.C.A. C o n f e r e n c e
( 3 1 , B e t t e r ber 12,3), S e c r e t a r y ( 3 ) , S t a t e F a i r , S e c - been acquired i r o n m y WOIK in one
G o v e r n m e n t C o m m i t t e e ( 2 1 ; C l a s s C a m p u s r e t a r y i l l . All College R e c e p t i o n , C h a i r - class, on t h e Better G o v e r n m e n t
q r h n n , nrnmnHrxi n i n h nnri n* J r .
D a y S k i t m a n I 3 I . All S t a t e D a y C o m m i t t e e ( 2 ) ;
weekly a t t e n d a n c e a t are a n d o n ^ h ^ s p e e c h
(1,2), C a m p u s D a y T r a c k a n d Field E v e n t s C l a s s : C a m p u s D a y S k i t C o m m i t t e e ( 1 ) , Committee,
(1,2), A c t i v i t i e s
Day Skit
( 2 ) , S t u d e n t C a m p u s D a y D a n c e ( 2 i ; S p o r t s : M a n a g e r participation in t h e Assemmbly.
S t u d e n t Council, a n d t h r o u g h active J
g ^ v e T n l in t h e p a s ? Peoples a t o u r church. These p o U n i o n B o a r d : T r y o u t ( 1 ) , Ex-offlcio M e m - of B o w l i n g ( 3 1 .
T h e Vice-President must have but I think t h a t it is i m p o r t a n t t h a t sltions gave m e further experience
b e r ( 2 , 3 ) , A s s o c i a t i o n of College
Unions Marie Devlne
i2), Dawn
(2); Rem
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.76; S t u d e n t A s s o - had financial experience. I have h a d
we look to t h e future.
things as taking minutes
ligious C l u b s : N e w m a n C l u b ( 1 ) ; O t h e r : c i a t i o n ;
All College
(1,2,3), All some, as Co-ordinator of the All
Junior Guide (2i, Frosh Camp
C o u n s e l - College R e v u e S c r i p t C o m m i t t e e (21, S e c As a vice-presidential candidate a n d keeping correspondence,
or (31.
r e t a r y I 3 I , S o u n d C h a i r m a n I 3 I . All C o l for SA, it is a little foolish to stand
I elected to this office I would
Mary J u n e Fisher
C h a i r m a n to gain more next year, when I will
on a firm platform, d u e to t h e sincerely try to efficiently c a r r y
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.64; S t u d e n t
Asso- i3i; Class: Secretary
I 2 I , C a m p u s D a y be Treasurer of Men's Frosh C a m p .
E l e c t i o n Skit
fact t h a t we h a v e n o set party s y s - out t i l e duties a s n u m e r o u s as they
i l l . Director (2i, Junlor-Frosh R e ma
Commission (3i, Better Government
C o m - vue, P r o p e r t y C h a i r m a n
i l l . Moving-Up
T h e Vice-President m u s t be able T
j try
t h e Association.'
t h e to
J ' be, as secretary of your S t u d e n t
w nin
m i t t e e , S e c r e t a r y ( 3 ) , S t a t e F a i r , C h n i r - D a y S k i t i l l ; P u b l i c a t i o n s : S t a t e College
to recognize ideas o t h e r t h a n his new president. I feel t h a t this is „
niQii ( 3 ) ; C l a s s : R i v a l r y ; W o m e n ' s
A t h - News i l i : D r a m a t i c s a n d A r t s ;
r r a w f o r d .
M a r y
letic D i r e c t o r ( 1 ) , S o p h o m o r e N e w s p a p e r . i l l .
C h a i r m a n . own. Although I a m a firm believer importa nt. T h e president of S t u d ^rawroraEditor
(2); D&A: Member
Sec- Council. S e c r e t a r y
(2), Property
C h a i r - in our present form of government, e n t Association, while holding this
" x t h a n k t h ° s e responsible for m y
Student man
i2,3i; Smiles: E n t e r t a i n m e n t
( 1 , 3 ) ; the New Types of G o v e r n m e n t Corni m p o r t a n t office, should always feel nomination a n d I a m very interestC h r i s t i a n A s s o c i a t i o n (1,21, T r e a s u r e r ( 2 ) . R e l i g i o u s C l u b s : N e w m a n Club 11,3.1; O t h mittee was my original proposal. I t h a t he h a s a vice-president t h a t h e e d i n t h e position. I will be h a p p y
ers; J u n i o r Guides (2,3j.
Sam Krchnlak
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.30: S t u d e n t A s s o - M a r i l y n
have tried to work in as m a n y dif- can delegate duties to, a n d whom ' ° l o o k forward to t h e position next
ciation: M e n ' s Athletic Association. F r e s h Scholastic Average,; Student
A s s o - l'erent organizations as it h a s been
c a n be a helping h a n d to h i m when year.
man Representative
(1), Treasurer
( 2 i , c i a t i o n : All S t a l e D a y , E n t e r t a i n m e n t i l , J
possible, t o get a wide n e sees fit. I would like to be t h a t
enjoy secretarial work a n d have
(3), State
F a i r 2 i . All College R e c e c p t i o n
( l , 2 l ; C l a s s ; humanly
o e e n c ass
C o m - C a m p u s D a y S k i t s i l , 2 i , J r . F r o s h R e v u e scope of experience: to have a fair- helping h a n d .
secretary for m y J u n i o r
mittee; Class: Rivalry, Frosh-Faculty Com- i l l .
All College
o n e of t h e duties of the Vice- a n o - Senior years in High School
m i t t e e ; S p o r t s : I n t r a m u r a l s (1,2,3i, B a s e - Day S k i t I 2 I , C l a s s R i n g C o m m i t t e e i 2 t , ly accurate knowledge of Robert's
ball, S o l t b a l l , F o o t b a l l ; O t h e r : C o - C h a i r - C l a s s N e w s p a p e r s , E d i t o r i l , 2 i ; D r a m a t i c s Kules of Order.
President of SA is to be Vice-Presi- a n d h a v e a c t e d as 'secretary-prom a n ot J u n i o r G u i d e s ( 3 ) ; J u n i o r
Guide and Arts: Alllliiites il,2,3i. P i o s i d c m I 3 I ;
e n t of S t u d e n t Council. I n this tempore' on t h e Better Government
(2), F r o s h C a m p , C o u n s e l o r (2,3), C h a i r - R e l i g i o u s C l u b s : Hlllel 11.2.31; o t h e r : J u n m a n l o r 1955-56.
glory—but it is more t h a n a smile post he is entitled to one vote on Committee this year which h a s givior G u i d e 121.
Jane Ann l.oman
a reward lor office, or other super- Council. If elected I feel t h a t m y e n m e some insight into student
Carole Hughes
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 3.68; S t u d e n t
Assocharacteristics—it is hard two years previous experience as a government secretarial work. T h a n k
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e . 2.211. C l a s s . P u u b l l - i'icial
( 3 ) , eity
I 3 I , Junlor-Frosh
( 3 ) , i l i H o u s e C h a i r m a n , R i v a l r y S k i t s i l . 2 i , work nnri leadership. If elected, I member of S t u d e n t Council would
l.C.A. C o m m i t t e e ,
i 3 i ; C l a s s : Riviurv S p o r t s i l , 2 i . R i v a l r y
(3i. Junior
D e c o r a t i o n ing ' 1 . 2 i , C l a s s B a n q u e t I 2 I , J u n i o r P r o m the .'nine sincerity, earnestness a n d
Finally, one of the i m p o r t a n t d u Committee
i 3 i ; Publications:
P e d a g o g u e I 3 I ; D r a m a t i c s unci a i t s . A f f i l i a t e s i l , 2 . 3 i .
President, Myskania, a n d
of t h e S t u d e n t Association
I 3 I ; R e l i g i o u s C l u b s : N e w m a n C l u b ( 1 , 3 ) ; M e m b e r P u b l i c i t y M a n a g e r I 3 I . F r o s h R e - hard work t h a t I have devoted to ties
of S t u d e n t Association;
O t h e r s : J u n i o r G u i d e i2.3i. F r o s h
C a m p c e p t i o n C o m m i t t e e I 3 I . U s h e r ( l , 2 , 3 i ; W o - any office t h a t I have ever held. I Vice-President "is to be a S t u d e n t members
fl rst
Counselor (3).
\ w o u l d ! l k e t t o t h a n k the peom e n ' s A t h l e t i c A s s o c i a t i o n . M e m b e r 11,2.3). ani' proud to s t a t e t h a t t h e majority Council Representative to the S t u d l
m m a t e d
co ld
Letier i l . 2 i ; Coker, fnter-Scliolastlc
s w i m - of the people t h a t I have worked e n t Board of Finance. This I feel is P
m i n g , h o c k e y , s o c c e r , volleyball
basketTheresa Barber
beS c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 3.25; S t u d e n t
A s s o - ball, . o l l b a l l . t e n n i s ; N e w m a n Club i 1,2,scliool will testily to mv record T h e elected, I will try to see t h a t your t o r e you today. I realize t h e time
( 3 j , S u r p l u s 3 i ; .Smiles I 3 I T r y o u t .
Committee Chairman (3i, Financial
P o l i - J o s e p h II. Kelly
school needs new dynamic leader- m o n e y , ' t h e money o Y s A V b u d g e t e d a n d e f f o r h t l i e , j o ? ?Lsecreta,ry
Scnolasllc Average.
I Hall. S l l l d e n t A s cy C o m m i t t e e ( 3 | , V a c a t i o n T r a m C h a i r s
and spent wisely
- A - w o u l d t a k e b u t if you elected
A d v i s o r y ship.
m a n <3i, A s s e m b l y S e a l i n g C h a i r m a n i 3 i , s o c i a t i o n : S t a t e College A t h l e t i c
l w u
s e d this
a n d
I 3 I . Homecoming
Weekend-Co' In conclusion, ' I have one final
P "
Exchange P r o g r a m Delegate (3i, C a m p u s Board
I present my candidacy.'
Chest I 2 I ; Class: Junior Prom
P u b l i c i t y C h a i r i n a i i ol R e c e p t i o n C o i n i n l l l e e I 2 I . All
thought. If elected, I do hope t h a t e f f o r t - 1 have h a d experience in
C h a i r m a n i 3 i , M o v i n g - U p D a y S k i t s i l , 2 j , College R e c e p t i o n , llosl I 3 I , C l a s s . S l i l d - Frank McEvoy
your experience with me would n o t government a n d secretarial work
C a m p u s D a y S k i t ( 2 i ; P u b l i c a t i o n s : S t u d - i in C o u n c i l I 3 I . F i n a n c i a l Policies C o m t h r o u g h o u t high school. Therefore,
' 3 1 . Student
Debate: m u t e ,
"Campaign speeches a r e usually be too Payneful."
M e m b e r • a•. E x - o f l u l o I 3 I , D a w n lor
I think I could take on t h e responMember
( 3 i ; Religious
Newman Boaru
Club i l l , S p o r t s : S w i m m i n g il.ili. Oilier: Dance, C o - C h a i r m a i i i 2 i ; Religious Clubs:
,ose h
sibilities of this office. T h a n k You."
Newun.n i l i ; Spurts
Junior Varsity B a s Frosh C a m p Counselor (31.
Fellow s t u d e n t s I a m faced with
k e i b i M ' l i , R l v a l r v . Field a n d T r a c k ( l , 2 i . interest today is in how you vote
Mary Brezny
Marilyn Leach:
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.00; S t u d e n t
Asso- Pushball i 2 i .
the basis behind your ballot-because a dilemma. W h e n I found t h a t I was
c i a t i o n : S e c r e t a r y I 2 I , C h a i r m a n ol H o m e - Hi a r c King
"Members of Myskania a n d S t u d it seems to me t h a t this is the time nominated for t h e Vice-Presidency
c o m i n g W e e k e n d i 3 i , C h a i r m a n ol S o c i a l
.Scnoiasiic A v e r a g e , 2.48; S t u d e n t
(3), Student
i 3 ) , All e l a l l o i i
Nt vv I'ypes ot G o v e r n m e n t C o m - lor a n office to be filled by t h e of S t u d e n t Association I was quite ent_Association. I n this my freshCollege R e v u e , P u b l i c i t y
( 2 i , iiiiltc-'. C h a i r m a n
131. S t u d e n t B o a r d ot must capable person.
surprised. You see I have never won m a n y e a r - x h a v e become acquainActivities D a y Skit i 2 i ; Class. Vice-Presi- Finn:
:i i . t'las.s.
with our S t u d e n t Government
d e n t ( 1 ) , J u n i o r - F r o s h R e v u e i l l . M o v i u g - i 2 i . C a m p u s D a y S k i l s a n d Field E v e n t s
This school can be much better. an election a t State. However, I hted
have tried, t h r u committee work e r e a t s t a t e College. As a freshUp D a y S k i t i l l , C h a i r m a n oi S t a g e C r e w i*.!'. Publlciil i o n s : F r o s h H a n d b o o k
S t a f f It
is changing a n d growing; we
m a n
i l l , Frosh Newspaper, Junior Prom
Pub- i2i. Spurts J V Basketball il.2i, Varsity
and general inquisitiveness, t o work
to Student
licity 131; S t u d e n t U n i o n B o a r d :
Tryout Haskciiiill
i 3 i . lnl raiiiiiral S o f t b a l l
i l , 2 i , must keep up with t h e change.
for t h e school a n d s t u d e n t affairs. Council I have observed our Student
H i , C h a i r m a n , Coffee H o u r , O i l i e r
J u n - I i i l i . u i i u r . i l Volleyball I . 2 . 3 I ; o t h e r : A t h Many S t a t e College S t u d e n t s are
ior G u i d e 1 2 , 3 | , C a p t a i n I 2 I . F r o s h C a m p letic Public R e l a t i o n s B o a r d
I 3 I , J u n i o r not proud enough of their school. I have stayed in this election b e - G o v e r n m e n t a n d t h e capacities of
C o u n s e l o r 12).
( i i l l i h s I 2 . 3 I . f l u s h C a m p C o u n s e l o r i 2 . 3 l . i\/r„,so ,w,nio \,^h- H*„um"An"~Qf<VTo cause I a m a n idealist, I believe t h a t its ...
, _ ,offices,
, . .a n d I know the
( a n i l Ann l u l l
Many people look down on S t a t e &
position of S t u d e n t Association Secw h o
ufied f
A v e r a g e . 2.16; P u b l i c a t i o n s : College.
r e ta -v 1 q u
. _ ,! T ' l ! . r e s _ r e s p . ° n ^ i _ U . y , a n d
S t a t e College N e w s E d l l o r - l l l - C h l c l
illla.)- M a l e College News, R e p o r t e r i l l . S o p h o We suffer from a p a t h y - t h e n o n - should be elected to office, whether .work.
I have h a d secretarial e x 5 6 ) , A s s o c i a t e E d i t o r i :i i, S o p h o m o r e Desk m o r e
I 2 I . Associate
i2i, Cub Reporter
i 11.1'lrslimiiii I 3 I ,
perience on various high school orManaging
P e d a g o g u e , academic realms a r c divided into
ill1 ;
P e d a - S t a l l M e m b e r i :i i ; R e l i g i o u s ("nibs. S t u d - three separate phases: AdministraHowever, here I a m faced with a ganizations a n d some additional e x g o g u e : L i t e r a r y S t a f f ; Oilier
S m i l e s i :i i, ent C h r i s t inn A s s o c i a t i o n 111.
tion: Faculty: Student.
Itarliara Manioc
I have heard so many r e - perience here a t college, and for
H >\v about football; a n S. A. b u s ;
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.Ill); S t u d e n t
AssoScholastic Average. 2.71; Class: M.U.D.
active leaders in our S t u - technical ability—I am able to type.
(which t h e faculty
Day Skit M i , R i v a l r y S p o r t s i l i , C a m p u s D a y College C a m p
d e n t Government say t h a t t h e way I would work to the best of my
D a n e : I 2 I , C o - C h a i r m a n . Hospitality C o m - Script
R e v i e w has been working o n ? )
ability to fulfill t h e duties of S t u d m i t t e e for H o m e c o m i n g I 2 I , C l a s s
lliv a i - i h . C h a i r m a n ol C o s t u m e s A c t i n g , F r o s h How about unifying s t u d e n t gov- to win a n election is behind a big e n t Association Secretary."
W.A.A. U c p r e s e i i l a l i v e
i l l , Sopli part.v i l i . A r r a n g e m e n t s . C l a s s P i c smile
Field H o c k e y . I n t r a m u r a l B a s k e t b a l l . Vol- nic I 2 I C h a i r m a n , J u n i o r P r o m I 3 I , Ar- e r n m e n t with faculty a n d adminisT h e r e is my problem. I w a n t to win Gail P e t t y :
leyball; O t h e r ; J u n i o r Unities, C n - C h a l r - r a n g e m e n t s .
D & A: A l l i l i a l e s
l l , 2 . 3 i . tration, and making S t u d e n t Counn i a n (ill.
P r e s i d e n t i 3 i , C o u n c i l t 3 i , A d v i s o r lo A l - cil more active, keen a n d represen- this election, I want a chance to
"Honored members of Myskania,
liliales I 3 I ; Frosh handbook; Editor I 2 I ;
work lor our government from a
Mr. President, a n d S t u d e n t AssoS c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2110. S t u d e n t
A s s o - R e l i g i o u s C l u b s : N e w m a n Club t l , 2 i , I n responsible
We don't seem to be on the " i n "
c i a t i o n : S t u d e n t C o u n c i l i l l , C h a i r m a n oi
ciation: I a m here before you today
C a m p u s D a y i :i i, l.C. A. C o n t e r e n c o , C l a s s . Chillies.
on what other levels of t h e school idealist. I do not believe t h a t a as a candidate for SA secretary. As
President i3i, Vice-President
( 2 i , R i v a l r y Hi.lines I ' l l c e
are thinking, illustrated by a field
you know, the duties of this office
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e . 3 00. C l a s s : R i v a l r y
Skits and Sports
Juniorshould win a n election. Because I , ,
Frosli R e v u e i l l ; Religious Chilis
N e w m a n i l . 2 i . F i o s h - S o p h Part.v, C o m m i t t e e m e m - house, athletic field a n d cafeteria.
Club H i ; O i l i e r . F r o s h C i u u p , C o u n s e l o r ber I 2 I , S o p h o m o r e
We can have good assemblies be- believe that the most qualified, b u t a s s e m b l V | a t t e n d l n | t o t h e corresitieiuhi
i 3 i . Foiiini,
not necessarily t h e most popular
pondence of t h e association, a n d
i :i i; 1) .V A A l l i l i a l e s , T r y o u t ; cause of some "fire" in them.
m e m b e r of t h e B o a r d .
PhotogElections can be more than popu- c a n d i d a t e should win, I will n o t acting as secretary for Student
Linda Mies
larity polls, group battles and self
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2 22, S t u d e n t
AssoIf I don't know you, I won't Council. I feel I am qualified for
I 3 I , All S t a t e D a y . Tl wall i2». S m i l e s l l , 2 l ; R e l i g i o u s C l u b s : glory means.
the office as I have held secretarial
P u b l i c i t y C h a i r m a n l 3 l , S t a l e Flglll S o n g New m a i l Chit) i l . 2 , 3 i ; S p o r t s : W. A. A.
Students are afraid to speak up smile at you or bend your ear with positions both in a n d o u t of school,
I 3 I ; Class. Songleader
il,2j, Awards
J u n i o r - F r o s h R e v u e i l l D .V A A l l i l i a l e s
for wluil they want. They are r e can type and take s h o r t h a n d . I
O t h e r : ret, nv I 2 I , P r e s i d e n t i .11, D i s t r i b u t i v e E d - signing
themselves. Although we I'd r a t h e r have a friend t h a n a vote realize this is a n office of responllcal loll C l u b i l,2,3l.
l-'rosii C a m p C o u n s e l o r 12,3).
seem r a t h e r powerless, we are n o t !
sibility a n d if I am elected, I will
Sifimund S m i t h
S c n o l a s l l c A v e r a g e . 2211, S t u d e n t A s s o - Wlw: we want we can have, if we ers say t h a t to win an election all
do my utmost to fulfill t h e trust
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 3 38; S t u d e n t
Fleet loll C o m m i s s i o n
I 3 I ; Class.
Day. C h a i r m a n
you have placed in me."
R i v a l r y S l u t s i l . ' i i . R i v a l r y P u s h b a l l i l l ; work.
Class, Vice-President I 3 I ; Religious Clubs;
D , t A: A l l i l i a l e s M e m b e r I 2 , 3 I ; S t u d e n t
Talk to some of the hustlers who legend.
Here is my problem. Is the ideal- Enid Vigilante:
Union Hoard
M e m b e r i 3 l . C h a i r m a n I ' e c - have tried to s t a r t some project or
S p o i l s ; Varsity Basketball, Baseball
o r a l a m C o i l l l n i l l e e ; R e l i g i o u s Chilis. Newist who believes in capability over
V. B a s k e t b a l l
i l l . lnl rainuruls-Soll "Members of t h e S t u d e n t Assoman
C o m m i t t e e change something. They'll say they
ball, Volleyball i l , 2 i ,
right or is the boy
lot e l - G r o u p got tiled of trying a n d quit. They personality
ciation. First, I would like to t h a n k
" S " Club. S e c r e t a r y I 3 I ;
i l , 2 i , S m i l e s 111.
lacked active support a n d there
o t h e r . S o c c e r Hall. C h a i r m a n i 3 i , F r o s h
you for n o m i n a t i n g me for the ofJudith
thing? Only you can answer this
Camp, Counselor
I2,3I Athletic
aren't many who hustle.
fice .-I Secretary of Student AssociaS
A.ssol 3 I.
Now is I he time to put. m men quest'on for me. T h e way you vote tion. This alone is a great honor a n d
All-College R e v u e i l . 2 , 3 i , C h a i r Itiiliel'la S t e i n
of ideas-men who speak up a n d
I fully realize the responsibilities
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.43; S t u d e n t
B e t t e r G o v e r n m e n t C o m m i t t e e I 3 I , R e v u e i h . C a m p u s Dll) Skit l 2 i , Jlllilur won:, and men who represent us. Do you vote for a smile or for a of the secretary.
ol A r r a n g e m e n t s
CoinAll S l a t e D a y . Entel'l a l n m e l l l .
C h a i r m a n , Prom, C h a i r m a n
These are niosi important elecHiking I 3 I , S w i m m i n g i 3 i ,
I feel t h a t I a m capable of this
S t a t e F a i r I ' J I , S t u d e n t C o u n c i l I 2 I , All i n i t i e c . s p o i l s
College R e v u e i 3 l , All College
R e c e p t i o n , T e n u i s I 3 I . Volleyball t 3 i ; D e b u t e : M e m - tions! These are elections t h a t can
job. 1 have h a d typing experience
Co I ' l l , i , m i , i n S i , l i e
All S l a t e D a y . C o - C h a i r - ber
do much for our school,
in t h e past, and although I do n o t I 3 I ; C l a s s , C a m p u s D a y HKHs I I,Hi, c e s s i o n . Co I ' l l . i . n i l . i n lllgii S c h o o l D e b a t e
I have spoken about why these
lake shorthand, I'm a very fast
S e c r e t a r y i l l , Sophomore Class P a p e r I U I , louiiiaiiieiii . Religious
M o v i n g - U p D a y Skit I 2 I , J t i u l o i - F r o s h R e elections are i m p o r t a n t and what Mary Bradley;
writer. Also, I have been involved
l l e . l I I I I T i I 2 i . P l e . a l , III i :t i
vue, D r i u n a l les S l a t e College T h e ;
to look lor in it candidate. I hope
"Honored members of Myskania with government in high school.
Stiuleii; Union Board; Tryout 11 i , H e l l - .lane IVhUi'lllll si
these views sounded good to you- and members of Student AssociaI realize t h a t government plays
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e . 3 2 1 . S t u d e n t A-so
.1. V.
Spur Is,
All College R e v u e S n i p ! C o i n i n l l - I hope lo lullill
e'rusli n a t i o n
these things if tion;
Cheerleaders, Captain i l l . iniiei
an i m p o r t a n t p a r t at S t a t e and a m
lee, S t u d e n t
Ho.nil ol Flliunci
All eleeied.
Camp Counselor I 2 3 I , Red Crosi
It is an honor in itself to be fully aware of what t h e office e n s i . i i c Da.v . , ) ' c l a s s
ta inmenl i 1,3i.
I have tried to familiarize myself nominated for the office of Student tails. If I am elected, you can be
i l c ( ainpu.s Du.v Skit
ill'. Frosh J u n i o r
E l a i n e S « ai t o u t
Rev in- S c r i p t C o m i n i i l i e i . i c Kd'.ioi. F r o s h wiih as much of S t a t e ns possible Association Secretary. I appreciate sure I will do my best to live up!
A v e r a g e 2 li:i. Si lulelil
I'l nil! Commit lee
1 3 ' . All Nrll I' i l c J u n i o r
M o v l n g - U p | ),,V
,;i., H u u q i i f i . C h a i r m a n ol E n t e r t a i n m e n t and ti make as many faculty, a d - the privilege of being able to speak to your confidence in me. I would
i ;|l,
News . 1 '
si rat Ion and S t u d e n t contacts to you today.
like you to give me n o t only t h q
Pedagogue '3i C a m p u s Commission Mem
as uiissilile. 1 have tried to be a c t By attending assemblies regular- opportunity of proving my capa-i
1'rcsldcnt i :i i . o i l i e r
Flush Camp, D u e
I,el i-Ji R e l i g i o u s Clubs
C.'alilcrbnl \ ('lull
or l o r 195a, C u u u s e l o r i 3 i , S e e r e l a l ' i i
i J,:)., P u b l i c o v D u e . lor i3i . Ol l n l .Inn ive in as many phases of the school ly, I have become increasingly aware billty to you but also t h e honor of
a.i G u i d e s 13.31.
as possible including
lie News, of t h e valuable work done by S t u d - serving you. I t h a n k you."
S c h o l a s t i c A v e r a g e , 2.40, S t u d e n t As
Newi Vtewi:
Forum To Host 'News' Receives First, Second Place
US Considers Reciprocal Trade, /^^
R atings p r o m p r c $ f Associations
Communiques were received this our college paper compared with
Statehood Conferences With Reds ^ Cap/to/
week from the Associated Collegl- others across the nation this year,
President Eisenhower's admlnis
tration scored a minor victory this
week, as the Senate Finance Commlttee voted to send to the Senate
floor without crippling amendments, the House-approved reciprocal trade bill. Many special interest groups had hoped to get
a ac
" h « i that would weaken
the President s power to make trade
agreements. Instead, the committee voted a compromise that enables the President to limit specific
imports if domestic industries are
The applications for statehood by
Hawaii and Alaska took another
step forward this week, but it may
easily be the last for this session
of Congress. The House Rules Commlttee reported out the bill to add
the two territories to the Union,
but did it in such a way that it is
rather doubtful that the bill will
be successful. The two applications
will be considered together» and
amendments will not be allowed. As
a result, it is probable that those
who do not want Alaska and those
Judicial Society
Revises Customs
According to Joan Carlin '55,
Chairman of Myskanla, the honorary judicial board has revised the
custom of the college as listed on
pages 41 and 42 of the Freshman
Handbook. The changes were made
to make the customs more workable and to delete those which are
obsolete and out of date and to
further tradition. Miss Carlin also
states that Myskania recommends
to the Rivalry Committee that they
not omit the Banner Hunt from
the rivalry ceremonies. They advocate that the class hunt for the
banner and report to Myskania
when they find it and this will end
the hunt.
who do not want Hawaii will have
ate Press Association and the Col- in the case of ACP.
sufficient voting power to defeat
Forum has released the slate of umbla Scholastic Press Association
Accompanying the ratings were
the bill.
delegates to represent State at the containing the rating of the State booklets containing both sugges,,_,.,. „..»„ TntPrpniieeinte C»"egre News, Ronald Lackey '55, uons, commendations and criticisms
0 n t n e international front, pros- v _ w
pects for a Big-Four conference ap- M o c k
IUW>H.UUCB«H« Executive Editor, reports. The honor 0 f the paper, indicating also on a
Senate to be held May 6 to 8. r a t i n g from ACP for first semester point-by-point basis how the paper
p e a r a nttie brighter as the ambassadors of the U. S., Russia, Engr^.,. M n n l r apnatp
nrmmisfPd bv t h l s v e a r i s S e c o n d c l a s s ' T h e C S P A was rated according to set standlnis
K 8<
i a n d a n d France meet Monday In
;naie, ° ' B a , u * a " y rating for second semester 1954— ards.
Vienna to complete the details for s t a t e College five years ago to f l r s t s e m e s t e r 1955 is First Class.
A C p r a t e d t h e N c w s s u p erior on
the long-overdue peace treaty for spread knowledge about the state
Associated Collegiate Press is an i t s ec jitorial page list of features,
Austria. If the work goes smooth- government, has grown by the parti- association of college newspapers
>ts d i s p l a y i t s typography, and
hrou h out
S ,
the nation whereas the l t s p r i i u m g . C S P A commended the
l y a m e e t i n g of the Foreign Min- -.nation of manv colleges in all parts t
follow, for the treaty cipation or many colleges in an p a n s C o l u m b i a S c h o l a s t i c P r e s s A ssoci» „ m snl , i t s f l n e g r a s p of
isters wm
signing, which gives Austria her of the state. Meeting In the Assem- a t i o n l s composed of high school m £ s t o f t ° e * m e s o { m a k e u P i p a r t i freedom. Following those cere- bly Chambers of the State Capitol, and teacher college newspapers of c u l a r l y m v i e w 0 f t n e f a c t you (the
m o n i e s , the leaders will discuss the the body discusses current topics of the eastern United States.
N c w s ) h a v e n o c o u r s e i n journalpossible agenda for a meeting of l m p o r t a n c e a n d h e a r s a d d r e s s e S by . . ^ L p ^ l i s l l e _ d ? X , ^ a t e „ , W ^ ' * ism or advisor." The critique proforwarded to the offices of the vided by the latter association closthe heads of state of the Big-Four.
In the Pacific, Admiral Radford, several prominent persons, among a b o v e groups and compared with e d w i t h t n e c o m m e n t " i n general
the head of the Joint Chiefs-of- whom are Mayor Erastus Corning others in State's own particular t h e N e w s i s a m^h l e v e l perf01.m.
Staff, and Assistant Secretary of JJ I a nd Congressman Leo O'Brian, classification, and rated according ance Journalistically; it can go
to its relative standing with refer- higher."
State Walter Robertson completed „.„,.„„ Ma\rn\m x>nBer<i "i7
ence to the other entries in the
talks with Chiang Kai-shek on the s i a c e s m a i c o ™ ™eeu> a«.
The judge also commenting on
Formosa situation. Secretary Dulles
Delegates to the conference are c l a s s ' It is a report of how well printing stated "a real, clean
announced that the U. S. is willing M
T „p r p „ .=c rhm-ipq MoHare
printing job! Give the printer a
to meet with Red China without aMnadi y L ^ P r e e o f' c n a l e s M c W a i S
scroll and a 'well done'."
nationalists leaders present. This is
Barbara Salvatore, Juniors, ana
ACP Judge, G. B. Hiebert comsomething of a switch on the part Rogers. Alternates will be Mary Mar- (Continued from Page 1, Column Si
ments that the news sources are
of American leaders, as participa- tire '55, Jean Hageny '56, and DomThis period should be utilized very good but lack "interpretive artion by Chiang has always been inick DeCecco and Richard Era prerequisite for any such confer- bacher, Sophomores. Paul Saimond, more advantageously by scheduling ticies on education" and that we
ence It might be noted that this Grad, will serve as the Assistant to events that have in the past proven should "avoid giving too much
statement could be the forerunner the President of the Mock Senate, to be popular.
space to extra-curricular activities."
for recognizing the Reds, until re- Sergeant-at-Arms will be Charles
A committee should be formed, ACP ratings include Superior CA11cently our government has not Nelson '56, assisted by Gerald Cuba consisting of both student and fac- American!, Excellent (First Class),
considered direct negotiations with and Benjamin Friedman, Seniors, ulty members, that would have as Very Good (Second Class), Good
its sole function the scheduling of (Third Class), F a n (Fourth Class),
and Richard Clifford '57.
the Communists.
events that would be of interest to and Weak. (Fifth Class).
all; for example, outside speakers,
CSPA rating's are awarded on a
deoates with well known colleges,
system including First Place,
pep rallies. Athletic Association point
Second Place, Third Place and
oudget hearings, etc.
Such a plan would help to alle- Fourth Place. Medalist rankings are
viate, to some extent, the crowded awarded publications especially secondition of the social calendar and lected from the First Place group
would also do away with the neces- for outstanding qualities; however,
no more than ten per cent of all the
sity for compulsory assemblies.
4. The mystery of Athletic Asso- entries in the class concerned are
ciation must be cleared up. Every considered.
undergraduate in the college pays
almost half of his Student Tax to
tins organization and yet, when Beticha . . .
budget Hearings are held, the at- I Continued irom Page 1, Column 1)
ttnaance is always sparse.
Kelly . . .
Guest Columnist Covers Roily
With Photographers And Story
The changes in traditions include: the deletion of Numbers 3
and 4, which read:
3. When two or more students of
different rank enter a building or
any room of a building at the same
time, difference must be shown to
4. There shall be no cutting across
the lawns of the campus at any
time. Deletion of "Fight Song" from
5 which reads:
5. Freshmen shall be required to
know "College of the Empire State,"
"Arm in Arm," "Life Is Very Different," by November 1.
gized I dumb up on the window sill
Number 6 will be changed from:
. , . a n d noticed all these people staring
Freshmen shall be required to
A guest columnist #as asked to ( n t 0 the center of this big ballroom,
wear beanies at all times except in
eitusses nnn ••esinenpp rvui^ ,mm r,10 cwohviecrn evet
evening's Rally
" H ere was this plainclothesman
first ,rtkv nf £honi ,,„HI T h X « i v w i t h
'yone knows is clogged questioning these five well-dressed
In? rprpw «.nriI fnr t h J . . t Z f™»t f u m e s P °
suggestion, smoke m e n . I'd a sworn it was a police
n r p J ^ Z v , n l . T T . n™ ™ ™ £
' .Ingestion. _ a n d j s . really, a l l n e . u p .
preceding Movtag-Up Day, to read: c a r n l v a l J a m s e s s ion. He reports:
fog "
home in tZ
Excluding Sundays except to
„ I t w a s that they sent me down „ „"I' " seen
• " ' i"»
classes and residence halls from the „„..„.. t h p „.,.,«.. . . '
first day of school until Thanks- this here -Rally
- that was a'coming air
^ ^ nM
l T eie-ht
' l t fT\\
'these the
RP.t n.hrw*
-''"•--' door
,,„«,.,>„ maU t o p t in' ui/n n„
giving recess and for the entire o f f r p u s h e d l n o n t h l s closed
peopu was sLiun IIKI tne
week preceding Moving-Up Day. a n d m v L o rd I think I bowled over " " " ' " H « « F " «»" •»»""" »«•= ""nck h me
in the are
rivalry WLfi'e
four young women who Ithem—my
! l d l a » s d o bgosh,
' And
fromwin wearing
, re J a or
m m e d l l k e T d o n ' t know what
(Continued on Page 6, Column i,) all against the door. After I apolo-
if the hearings were held in the difficulty may arise in the near fureserved period I mentioned pre ture. This is concerned with the ever
vlously, students would have a increasing number of off-campus
chance to learn where their money practice teachers. Each year leaders
is going and could better under- of college organizations find it difstand the function of this board.
ficult to stay on-campus teaching,
i. sincerely believe that if next a n c l thus be "able to carry on thenyear's leaders in student government extra-curricular duties. Again I feel
Keep these points in mind our stu- w e | l a v e c o m e t 0 the point where a
uent government and the interest change, to a possible January-tool tne student body will be consider- January term of office, is needed.
uoiy improved."
This leaves one semester free for
The following is the speech giv- the Senior to teach, either on or oil
en by Theresa Barber 56, campaign campus. It can also be a great asmanager tor Joseph Kelly, cancii- sistance to tlvj new officer, to have
tiate lor SA President:
the advice of the old for his first
"Thank you, Madame Chairman, .semester in the position. Other
How 1_>' Ye Do.J members oi SA. I've teacher-training institutions having
come all the way from Ireland to a january-to-January term find it
.speak in behalf of this fine lad, Jo- both effective and necessary.
soph Kelly. I've not kissed the BlarAs you can see, these problems
ney Stone, so everything I say is a re not NEW. they have been distrue.
cussed before and In some cases preWhat you need here for your SA lmhnary plans are in process. I am
President is a well rounded candi- not presenting a platform of revodate - someone who draws his mtionary ideas and promises that I
knowledge from all phases oi Col- know I would never be able to carlege life, not only government,
ry out, but rather one of attempting
time to meet existing problems while
' b .. . .
i nto s u h
some a ot
his hspaie
, Joe has
£ put
.„ tnl »»»
? a m p H ' m i l k l n g P | a n s f o r i u ^ v ones a n d
Junior Guides, Class Rivalry. Mixed carrying out much oi the work that
Homecoming, All-College has been .started this year.
and Student Union Board.
On this platlorm I ask for your
<.,* £
. ,.
5° zzrssirssg s " ^ as-« yfSfsw ™sm
l „ f
f„ h„„t- M'-,„ 2 1
groaning to oeat uie oana.
"Tliere was a mess of hand-wrote
papers scattered on the walls, and
somebody—I don't know who-was
askin' if these people would be
friendly and vote for them!
"Then some idiot says 'That's all
for tonight' . . . and darn if that
didn't start a mad rush for the
door. I swear, they was Just a mess
of hornless bulls. So I left fast."
Thick Creamee Frosts — Ass't Flavors
Blue Note Shop
We also serve hot chocolate, coffee and
156 Central Avenue
Open Evenings till 9:00
If you like, bring your own lunch
and visit with Rocky & Sam,
475 Washington Ave.
Joe's Barber Shop
i t N. Lake Ave..
Near Washington Ave.
We Aim T*
institute the dawn dance which has
turned into an annual success. This
e a r he has served ably on Student
Council, where he acted as chairm n n 0f the Financial Policy Comm jttee.
Besides all this experience in actual government Joe has had close
connection with athletics. He has
served on AA Board, played JV
basketball and played on numerous
intramural teams. Athletics are an
important part of State College and
.so it is important to have a President who knows athletics.
These are only a few of the reasons I want you to vote for Joe
Kelly next week, for President of
SA so . . . oops I
I hear the boat calling me. So,
remember when you vote the slogan is K-K-L-L-Y. You'll like him."
Dan's Uptown
Rice Bid*.
Fine Dry Cleaning
Tel. S2-U5Z
SM Qaall St.
,.» ™,».«
ager lor Student Association Presidentlal Candidate Robert Betscha,
made the following speech:
"What qualities should we look for
in a Student Association Presidential candidate? Some say he must
have effective leadership; others say
he must have the ability to make
decisions and furthermore the responsibility to carry them through;
others .say he must have an insight
into our problems and a working
knowledge of our government; still
others cay a candidate must have
Specifically he should have worked With Student Council; lie should
have ansetunderstanding
our the
up; he shouldofhave
ability to lead a meeting; he should
be able to work ln harmony with the
college administration.
Actually we must .single out a
candidate who has all these qualities in addition to an Interest and
a drive to do an effective Job.
I have suggested the criteria by
which to Judge a candidate for the
presidency of Student Association.
Now I'll mention the individual who
measures up to this criteria -BOB
State Nine Plays Host To Oneonta In Baseball Opener;
Locals Take On New Paltz In Initial Road Enconuter
£w*$f ScujA
We'd like all you sports enthusiasts to take a walk over to the
AMIA bulletin board today and notice all the spring sports activity
going on. Better yet put your name
on one of these sign-up sheets.
Many constantly complain of the
level of sports in varsity status here
at State. These many may not realize that varsity sports do not
come into being overnight. At present there is Bowling and Wrestling
on a club status. Two years ago
keglers and grapplers were in a
dream world when they talked of
varsity competition. Now there is a
possibility that some of us may see
the inauguration of these sports on
a varsity pedestal. Why? Simply be-
Hathaway Plans
Include J. Zidik
On Stadium Hill
cause several men were sincere in
their interest and showed initiative
in driving these sports into the limelight. Today such sports such as
track and tennis are in their Infant
stages. Will Bowling and Wrestling
become a varsity sport? Will tennis and track hit club status? It
depends. Sincere interest must be
displayed. How about you. Why not
add your name to the list. Be an
organizer not an onlooker.
We'd like to congratulate Joe Duran and Tom Shumanski on the
fine job they did in handling the
IM Bowling chores. Congrats also
to Potter and Summit, the league
BOWLING LEAGUE CHAMPS. The members of Potter Club who
winners, plus APA, the playoff won the IM Bowling: League are pictured above. Bottom row (left to
champs. The head of the softball right) Irv Horowitz, Mario Scalzl, Dave Borden. Top row, Bernie Thcoleague must also not be overlooked. bold, Jim Sweet, Jack Higham, Bruce Marsh.
Bruce King has done an excellent
job in organizing this year's softball league. All Bruce and the softball men need now is the cooperation of the Albany weatherman.
Potter Club, SLS,
Win In National
League Softball Years Keglers
Due to the unfavorable weather
conditions only two games were Register
played in the National Softball
League this week. In the league's
opener, Potter trounced the Apaches, Caliber
17-3. The other game saw SLS beat
Hilltop, 5-4, in eight innings.
Potter Scores 13 in Sixth
The fate of the Apaches was determined in the sixth inning when
Potter collected 13 runs on eleven
hits. The featuring blows of the inning were Don Leln's home run and
Bob Baker's triple with the bags
loaded full of "Potterers." Hank
Muller, who turned in a neat 3-hit
performance and helped his cause
with three base hits, was the winning pitcher, and Don Mathews took
the loss.
SLS Wins in Eighth
Although Hilltop jumped to a
quick 4-0 lead, SLS fought back
fiercely, scoring one run in the
sixth inning and tying the score
with three runs in the bottom of the
seventh. As the game went into
extra innings, Hilltop's pitcher.
Brown, served a fat one to Joe
Swierzowski who drove in Prior with
the winning run. Earlier, Swiz/, had
hit a long four-bagger off the offerings of Neil Brown.
Tennis Sports Change
From Indoor To Out
The Intramural t emus program,
headed this year by Jim Lorrlehio,
is slated to begin t his week. Lorrichio has announeec 1 that if enough
interest is shown a mixed doubles
tourney will also bi • held. As it is
now, men's singles i ind doubles aie
slated with the addit ion of the mixed play only if enou gh couples sign
up. With the talk o 1 a tennis club
for next year in tin ,iir, Jim stresses
the importance of having enough
spirit displayed.
Itock In Finale
While outdoor tennis is just beginning, its indoor sister sport,
table tennis has reached its semifinals. Bill Rock, table tennis head,
has stated that semi-finals vnust be
completed and scores listed before
Tuesday. Failure to heed this deadline wlil result in a forfeit. The results to date show Rock in the
llnals. Harry Millet has reached the
semi-finals and must lace the winner of the Dudley-Overton match.
Now that the Intramural Bowling
season is tucked away and the winners have been determined, there is
time to examine some of the outstanding individual and team performances turned in during the heat
of competition. The caliber of these
performances was higher than it
has been in previous years.
Duran Most Consistent
Joe Duran was the most consistent bowler in the fast Downstairs
League over the entire season. Joe
compiled the high average of 172.
Joe also bowled the high triple of
the season; a rather phenomenal
077. Duran bowled the high single
of 277 on this momentous day; however, since he is already in line for
one trophy, Dave Borden, who bowled a 245, will take the high single
trophy. APA, the playoff winners,
had a 939 team single game, and a
2563 teaui triple to lead in these departments.
In the weaker Upstairs League,
Tom DiGeasare turned in the high
average. Tom Mullen had the high
single, while Deane Cunningham
split the maples for the best triple
of the season in this league. The
APAchies had the high team single
and high team triple.
BfXoili (plit
This week the Sports Spotlight
falls on Dave Borden, ace moundsman of the Ridge House softball
squad. Dave, also spotlighted during
the Intramural Bowling season,
pitched a no-hit, no-run game
against KB last Friday.
Borden was in complete command all the way, not allowing a
ball to be hit out of the infield.
Indeed, only one man reached third
in this uneven contest. Dave struck
out 12 batters, an extraordinarily
high number in a softball game,
while walking only four, On the
basis of his Initial performance,
Dave could lead a strong looking
Ridge team to a very fine season.
State Football-TV Or Not T V ?
W h y Not "The Real McCoy?"
it here." Not wishing to be termed
Spring is sprung, the grass is riz— a radical, etc., I am convinced that
I wonder where our GRIDIRON is? with STUDENT support, football is
Football is a much discussed topic a possibility. We only have to prove
at State—the discussion always en- that we want it bad enough,
ding with this conclusion, "Yes, it
Expense is the first drawback,
would be nice, but we'll never have E u t , to field a four team intrammural league with fifteen players on
each team would cost approximately
$7500. Dividing that by 1500 students, it would mean an increase of
$5.00, game uniforms could be
brought the second year still leavtag enough to cover necessary exuprises
The American League, the second i Je "- ea of the two IM softball leagues, manAnother argument is scholastic
aged to squeeze in 5 games between standing. Football cannot lower
the rains. The feature of this week's State's scholastic standing. Just to
play was a no-hit game.
give a few examples: Bill McColl,
Ridge House opened its schedule Ail-American end from Stanford,
at Beverwyck with a close 6-4 win graduated from school carrying a
over Van Derzee. Both clubs col- straight "A" average as a pre-med
lected 9 tats. Minon was the win- student. Ralph Gugliemone was an
ning pitcher, while Burkle absorbed honor student a Notre Dame, and
the loss. In a game at Page the Dick Kazmier has been spending
same afternoon, the Finks trounced the past two years as a graduate
KB, 10-1. Windsor limited the KB student at Harvard,
nine Finks
to two collected
singles, both
by Tinapp.
9 hits
Has Man Power
Thursday the Pogos bounced out State
State has the man-power to come
a league with Hobart. Ham
whipped the Rousers, 26-4. The Po
ilton, Union, or any other schools
gos clubbed 25 tats In driving start- of
comparable size. Size and speed
er Butler to cover. Ioele limited the
be considered when judging
Rousers to 5 hits, which included a
man-power. It appears that men
homer and triple by Smith.
Ridge won its second game of the such as Don Mayer, Joe Zizzi, Joe
week, beating KB, 13-0. Dave Bor- Anderson, Paul Sloand, Jack Peaden pitched a no-hitter while strik- cock, Harvey Clearwater, Leo Leing out 12 batters. Borden's team- gault, and Ed Rocksteroh, to name
mates banged out 17 hits. In the a few, could hold their own.
Well, it is an idea. Certainly it
first twilight game, the Rousers
bowed to Van Derzee, 11-8. "Klob" is something to think about other
Kloberdanz pitched VDZ to the win; than banner hunting or watching
Woodrow and Carter pounded hom- other schools play on T.V.
ers to insure the win. Purcell absorbed the loss despite his grand
slam home run in the last inning.
Ridge W i m 13-0
On No Hitter
817 Western Ave.
Albany, N. Y.
Phone 0-8610
Varsity Club Slates
Wednesday Elections
The Varsity Club of State will
hold its final meeting of the school
year this Wednesday night in Brubacher Hall. At this time elections
next year's ofw i l l t a k e p l a c e for
fleers. Ail members are urged to
At a meeting held last Thursday
m p a g e Hall, nine new members
W ere initiated into the club. Those
taking the oath were Joe Taggert,
Denny Dempster, John Rookwood,
Jack Minon, Joe Anderson, Bob
Leirmoe, Don Mayer, Bob Davidson,
and Hollis Tibbets. Paul Dammer
and Bruce King will be sworn in
at the next meeting.
Men Wanted
co-ed organizational camp.
Call WAtkins 9-8105 or
write to Camp Vacamas,
31 Union Square West, New
York 3, N. Y.
Also: Square & I'oik Dunce
Counselor, culls, plays (juilar.
Vote the platform of the SNACK BAR
Gerald Drug Co.
Coach Hathaway and his baseball
nine have high hopes of opening
their 1955 season today—if the rains
let up long enough. The Peds will
play host to Oneonta State with
the action slated to get underway
in Bleecker Stadium. Tomorrow
they will travel to take on the New
Paltz Hawks.
Indications are that State diamond fans will see a new array of
feces in the local's opening lineup.
Bob Granados, who received the
offerings of Kansas City's Arnold
Porcocarrero when the two played
American Legion ball will probably
g e t U le n o d a t t h i r (
, la s
?, b a s e ' „ T h e , L I "
t l a n s re l
well in both
- G e r l v McDonald seems to
have overshadowed Bob Sage for
the shortstop position. Bob will
probably move over to the right
side of the keystones sack with Luke
Sanders ready to take. over.
Bernstein In Left
Out in the green pastures, a
small but powerful hitting Sandy
Bernstein, has nailed down the left
field position on his great hitting
ability. Howard Caldwell, a regular
moundsman, may see duty as a first
Tk-.' remaining slots are fairly
well set with Sig Smith returning
with the catcher's mitt. Wayne Overton will be trotting to the centerfield ;.pot for his third year, while
Bob Dreher will complete his fourth
jn the squad as a right field•
?,'!',., „ „,.
i'S,' „
° n the mound Hathaway expects
t() | l f i v e J o h n z i d i k i n there as a
starter If John gets into trouble,
Harvey Clearwater, Tom Shumans^
J o e McDowell or Howie Caldmaking the long
w e j] m a y bl , sem
tne bullpen,
wajj. l r o m
\^ , practice tilt Wednesday the
p e c | s j 0 st to R P I 7-2.
"Food and fun
Everyone come."
with discounts up to
on Parker
STATE COL.LI0E N E W * FRlftAY, APRIL 20, 1989
i»Aai e
Myitery-Comedy Play Production Music Council
Tickets Ready For Sale Monday Will Sponsor
terfeiter does all sorts of things
for the five nights this play is Festival Chorus
An all-out drive to push the student tax card tickets for the Spring
production of "Laburnum Grove"
will begin this Monday, May 2, and
close Tuesday, May 3. Since there
are only 875 tickets, it would be
sensible to get them at this early
date. The rest of the tickets will
be thrown open to outside sale after
"Laburnum Grove" is a mysterycomedy concerning a certain counterfeiter and . . . Well, this coun-
Director Posts
Frosh Camp Staff
Staff Directors and Administration Counsellors for Men's Frosh
Camp have been released by Sam
Krchniak '56, Director. Frosh Camp
will be held September 16 to 18 at
Lake Orinsekwa-Sonnikwa, Warner's
The Dramatis Personae are: Marie Devine, Richard Tinapp, William DeAlleume, Juniors; Charles
Crowder, Nancy Gade, Richard Warner, Sophomores; Jacqueline Pacht,
Robert Woyton, and Norman Chancer, freshmen. Paul Bruce Pettit,
Associate Professor of English, is
carrying out the directing. Marilyn
Dinardo '55 assists; and Barbara
Maaloe is acting as production coordinator.
"Grove" will come before Arena
Theater for the first time on Tuesday, May 17, and will conclude its
run on Saturday evening, May 21.
8:30 p.m. will be spotlight time on
each of the evenings.
The Arena style will, in itself, be
unique for most Statesmen who
have never seen a set-up such as
will be used. Three sides of the
Theater will be reserved; one side
will be unreserved. Raised platforms for the stage, and grid lights
will be used.
A new innovation in the field of
music will be staged at Chancellor's
Hall, Friday, May 13, at 8:30 p.m.
A festival chorus will highlight the
final concert to be presented by
Music Council during the Spring
season. Both the choral groups and
the orchestral group will appear.
A festival chorus including the
members of all the choral groups
on campus will be directed by Karl
Peterson, Associate Professor of
Music. The final number to be presented by the chorus will be accompanied by the orchestra under the
baton of Charles Stokes, Professor
of Music.
The various choral groups will
also present numbers intermittently
throughout the program. The orchestra will also feature selections
during the evening.
The concert is open to the public
as well as students free of charge,
specifies Kathryn Johnston '55,
President of Music Council.
My skin it Changes . . .
fContinued from Page i, Column V
beanies from Campus Day to
Thanksgiving recess.
Numbers 8 and 9 will be deleted.
They read as follows;
8. Freshmen shall speak to members of the faculty as well as to
members of their own and other
9. Students shall not wear their
State College rings until after
Moving-Up Day of their Junior
Changes in the Penalties clauses
of the customs include:
Number 3 which reads:
Third offense: Apology in public
before the Student Association, will
be changed to read:
Apology in public before Student
Association or before the Sophomore
class at the discretion of Myskania.
Number 4 previously read:
Second and third violations need
not necessarily be offenses of the
same tradition. These penalties apply to all the above traditions. This
has been deleted to include:
4. Four warnings constitute automatic expulsion from office and ineligibility to run for office during
freshman year which includes the
Spring elections.
Religious Clubs
Schedule Events
Sunday evening Newman Club
will participate in a parade in the
observance of May Day. IVCF will
hold a panel discussion at their
next meeting Thursday on baptism.
A mass and communion, marching in the May Day parade to the
Capitol, and offering prayers for
America and the world will mark
Newman Club's observance of May
Day. Members will meet in front of
St. Rose on Western Avenue at 5:30
p.m. on Sunday, May 1.
IVCF's panel discussion will be
presented Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
Mrs. Harriet (Sartwell) Norton, Assistant Professor of Latin, will act
as moderator. Panel members will
be Marian Menzel, Joan Chamberlain, and Frank Denton, Seniors;
Gene Arnold '56; Lucille Schneider
and Delores Seaman, freshmen.
Last weekend, twenty State College students in IVCF were among
the one hundred and forty students from Eastern New York State
who attended their spring weekend.
It was held at Camp Pinnacle in
the Helderbergs.
Staff Directors are Joseph Anderson, Athletics; Clyde Payne, Program; Horace Crandall, Waterfront;
Michael Maxian, Camp Store; James
Sweet, Head Counsellor; Sophomores, and Custer Quick, Steward
'55 Administrators of the camp artDavid Kendig '57, Treasurer, and
Jerry Banfield '58. Secretary. Counsellors are Whitson Walters, David
Kleinke, Willard Monsell, Livingston Smith and Joseph Kelly, Juniors. Also Domenick DeCecco, Richard Erbacher, Robert Backer, James
Lockhart, Leon Ogrodnik, P. Randall Dudley, Joseph Taggert, James
Smith, Robert Burns, Frank McEvoy, and Richard Sauer, Sophomores. Freshmen who will serve as
Counsellors are: Robert Bossomworth, Joseph Barton, Joseph Flynn,
Ronald Alexander, Lloyd Seymour,
John Steffano, Paul Sloand, James
Fitzsimmons, Ross Dailey. Henry
Aceto, Warren Leib, Donald Mayer,
David Blum, Roger Hunt, and Peter
—1|.>1 n.v\ .moA'
v 0|BA
State To Engage Danbury Nine
A t Bleecker Afternoon M U D Event
The traditional Moving-Up Day ceremonies will commence tomorrow morning with the formation of lines at
8:45 a.m. in Draper Hall. The ceremonies in Page Hall will
be followed by a baseball game at Bleecker Stadium at
7:30 p.m. The events for the evening will include the MUD
show entitled "Dial M for Minerva" which will be staged
in the Albany High School Auditorium at 8:00 p.m. The
Traditional Sing will conclude the day's ceremonies. The
Moving-Up Day Schedule
7:30 a.m. J u n i o r
Boulevard Cafeteria.
8:00 a.m. S e n i o r
Boulevard Cafeteria.
8:45 a.m. Formation of Lines,
9:30 a.m. C o m m e n c e ment of
Program, Page Hall.
1:30 p.m. Baseball — State vs.
D a n b u r y , Bleecker
8:00 p.m. MUD Show, "Dial M
for Minerva," Albany
High School Auditorium.
9:00 p.m. T r a d i t i o n a l Sing,
Draper Steps.
Selective Service
Gives May Exam
Surplus Committee Formulates List
Of SA S uggestions For Savings
Initiation, BanquetjFormal, Alumni
Luncheon Highlight Greek Events
of Chesterfield's smoothness
—mildness—refreshing taste.
You'll SMILE your approval
of C h e s t e r f i e l d ' s quality—
highest quality low nicotine.
Largest selling cigarette in America's colleges
V boom 4 Mtlll Toiuco Co
Sing will be conducted in front of
the steps of Draper Hall at 9 p.m.
Traditional Clothes To Be Worn
The following specificatioas concerning attire are set forth by Nancy Lighthall '55, General Chairman:
Seniors are to wear caps and
gowns with women wearing black
heels and the men are to wear suits.
Juniors will all wear the traditional
class hats and carry canes. Women
are to wear white dresses and white
heels while the men are to wear
suits, white shirts and ties. Sophomores are to all wear beanies. White
skirts and red blouses or sweaters
will be the attire for the women
and the men will be fashioned in
suits, white shirts and red ties.
Freshmen are to wear "little girl
and boy" outfits, suggests Miss
Lighthall. Women are to wear white
dresses, socks and white flats while
the boys should be attired with dark
trousers and white shirts.
Page Ceremonies To Begin At 9:30
The Alma Mater, directed by Lin-- will commence
- — . . . ^ . . ^ „.,^
da Niies '56,
morning's program in Page Hall at
9:30 a.m. The Welcome will be extended by Robert Coan '55, Student
Association President. Coan will also
introduce the class speakers.
Dr. Evan R. Collins. President of
the College, will announce the new
members of Signum Laudis. Wil
liam Dumbleton, Assistant Professor of English, will then announce
the Edward Eldred Potter Club
Award. Oscar E. Lanford, Dean of
the College, will present the Frat
J on Page 4, Column V
S n u s ^ T h e n ™ Dee ^MontalbJno"
J ^a 8 ^ ecstacv is next led foi™ j f '8" " o mee Zoe Ann Laurie
^ ™
%£ f™
a n ^ e v e r y o n e visualizes a female
ana eveiyone visualizes a iemaie
Myskania. But Orser and Koster
come later to kill that doubt; then
Komanowski and Tobey are named
and give the body eight women
The third administration of the
Tliis year: 13 men, o women?
Selective Service System Qualification Test will be given this year
on May 19, states Elton A. Butler,
Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
The closing- date for registration
for this testing is Monday, May 9.
All men wishing to take the test
this year are asked to register as
Six musical groups connected with Stokes, Professor of Music, will
Religious clubs
planning to ,Soon as possible. Application blanks
Music Council will oiler a diverse again take the podium to conduct install their new officers
at regu- are available in the Student Per
and melodic extravaganza for the
Spring Concert, set for Friday, May the various groups in what is de- lar meetings this week, and at sonnel Office.
stined to be a fabulous program.
special events.
Butler, Supervisor, urges all
13, 1955, at 8:30 p.m.
The __Collegiate Singers
will be _the
toc l a >the n formal
instal- those who wish to take the test to
The traditional setting of Page first
to perform in five numbers, latlon of officers, Newman Club fill out application blanks immediHall will be relinquished this The orchestra will do two pieces,
nieces, will present
nrpsoiif-. +
iio recent
>-o,>o>->i film,
FH™ "Our
"I~< ately.
Spring, and Chancellor's Hall, on am]t
after intermission complete Lady of Fatima."
the south end of the State Educa- f i v e „1(1re, the highlight of which
Hillel's Annual Picnic and instal- Student Council:
el s
Uon Building, will bo concert scene w i l l b e t h e A n d a l u c i a S u i a ,
be held on
l a ™ Q f oScers S
^ H
A B PPtprsnn A«nrh,i P
Choralettes, representing the Sunday at Thatcher Park. Cost for
u r V , rwu
! V h Z T female voices of the music group, the affair is 50c per person. The
Professor of Music, and Charles F. h f t y e planned
the West
f o u r n u m b e r s of w l d e g r o u p
leave \rom'
mood. Likewise, a contrast will cotne Street entrance of Congregation
when the Statesmen provide music Cliav Sholom at approximately
that will be deep and wholly mas- 12:30 p.m. Transportation will be
culine. Their repertoire of songs will provided by Hillel. Any student who
mittee under the direction of Edinclude "The Homeland," and "Pet- wishes to attend, but is unable to
ward Franco '56 and Clyde Payne
er, Peter, Pumpkin Eater."
meet the 12:30 p.m. deadline, is
The last meeting of the present '57 revised the Outing Club ConstiStudent
WednesThe Women's Chorus and Fesli- asked to contact Harvey Brody '56,
tution, Student Council approved
Senior Weekend this year will be- val Chorus have prepared a series so that other transportation
,,,,.,,,. ar
,.- day. Committee reports, budgets, the constitution.
a n a Dne
gin with a banquet on Thursday, 0 f numbers Five members from the rangements may be made. Helene
Assembly agenda were uie
Robert Betscha '56 reported that
Th( Festival
Timo 9.
o at
-,t Jack's
T,,,.i,v Restaurant.
D,.^I„,,,..,,^ Ti,-,
~. .. . Chorus
••• participate in Shair
.11--1-. '56
.-« and
. . . . Norman
-- '57
- -,rder of business.
Student Board of Finance approprichairman of this event is Joan Mit- a work by Mozart, to make this the are Co-Chairmen of the event.
The Constitution Revisions Coin- ated two emergency appropriations
chell. Chairmen of other commit- outstanding group in this section of
to the Stale College News and to
tees are as follows: Arrangements, the concert.
Debate Council, amounting to $50
Mary Ann Johnpoll; Entertainment,
Everyone lias been invited as
and $24 respectively.
Arleno Yanks; Programs, Frank LoThe Surplus Committee, under the
Truglio. The cost will be three dol- guests of the Music Council of State
chairmanship of Theresa Barber '56,
lars per person for the roast beef
reported on their findings concerndinner, reports John Orser, Presiing possible means of using the surdent.
Sigma Lambda Sigma fraternity Richard Sauer, Bids; and Joseph plus. Miss Barber reported that her
The Senior Ball will be held at Commission Schedules has announced the schedule of Purcell, Favors; Sophomores,
committee drew out the following
the Ten Eyck on Friday evening,
events for their Spring Weekend
Tomorrow night there will be a four suggestions as what could be
June 10, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Songleader Elections
this weekend, according to Robert coker at the fraternity house, 1011 done with the surplus. There is a
Chairmen are Nan McEvoy and Tom
On Friday, May 20, the Classes Henderson '55, President of the frat- Madison Avenue. Lou Caslion '56 is possibility for buying Student Union
Dixon. Mimi Donne heads the Orchestra, committee; Mary Battisti of 1956 and 1958 will hold elections ernity. Psi Gamma sorority has Chairman of the party. Sunday there facilities or enlarging the Union,
and Iggy Komanowski are in charge for the position of songleader of the planned a Parents' Banquet for to- will be a picnic at Thatcher Park, The idea of buying a Student Assomorrow in conjunction with Mov- announces Richard Van Slette '56, elation Bus was also brought up.
of bids and programs. Bids are respective groups.
ing-Up Day, states Sylvia Korab '55, Chairman. Buses and cars leave from The committee also forwarded the
three dollars. The dance will also
A run-off election will be held be- President. Phi Delta is having an the house at 12:30 p.m.
idea of starting a scholarship that
be open to all underclassmen
tween Martha Ross and Judith Am- Alliumi Luncheon tomorrow. Robert
by the interest
Saturday night, Class Night will brosino for the position of song- Sage '55, President of Potter Club, a Parents' Banquet tomorrow. An accruedbeonfinanced
the surplus (which has
also feature a skit at Page Hall leader for the Class of 1958.
has listed the names oi the new in- informal party will be held at the been deposited in a bank). The last
Chairmen of the skit are Mary Ann
The nomination for songleader
sorority house from 2 p.m. until 5 suggestion concerned the possibility
Johnpoll, Angela Kavanaugh, Nan- for the Class of 1956 will open on itiates.
Tonight at the Aurania Club, Sig- p.m. A dinner will follow at Pan- of buying land for a College Camp
cy Evans, and Delores Montalbano.
On Moving-Up Day the Seniors Tuesday of this week, and close on ma Lambda Sigma will hold an "Or- etta's Restaurant in Menands. on a suitable site near Albany.
chid Formal" from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Chairmen of the event are Nora
The assembly agenda for this
will hold a breakfast at 8 a.m. in Wednesday.
Since everyone who had been Music for the dance will be by Bob Hanley and Nancy Hughes. Molly morning is as follows: the All-Colthe back part of the main dining nominated declined during regular Brown's Orchestra. William Small Knight is Chairman of Entertain- lege Revue and Student Union
room of the Boulevard Cafeteria, spring election time, it was impos- '56 is General Chairman of the ment; Sophomores.
Board motions, Good Government
A sing rehearsal will take place at sible to hold a regular election in dance. His committees include: DaThe following persons were In- Report, MUD Procedure by Elizuthat time. All Seniors are urged by this instance and have the new vid Blum '58, Arrangements; Donald itiated by the Edward Eldred Potter beth Becker '55, Grand Marshal of
Orser to attend even if they don't songleader announced with the oth- Butler and Donald Whitlock, Enter- General Chairman of the banquet. Campus Commission, and
AnIntend to march.
er '56 officers on Moving-Up Day. tuinment; Jesse Vies, Ohaperones; (Continued on Page +, uotumn \) nouncements.
Seniors Ready
nnai Week end
You'll SMILE your
Chancellor s Hall To Host Festival Religious Clubs
Rich With Rhapsodic Interludes Install Officers
Classes Move Up A t Traditional Ceremonies In Page;
Original Show, Sing To Conclude Day's Activities
And Mary Iacavone dashes like
a docile animal up to the stage. At
grim attention the old Myskie stand
like terra cotta soldiers. In quick
Bob Sage
t V V U l d U l , JLJ\JV
an* Chuck
f h „ A Beckwitli
T3o„wifu rise
....„ and
.,.,-) are
carted on stage by the firm hands
of two blue-clad persons.
Page's war-torn face, disfigured by
And the old Myskie stand like
the hands of unsympathetic: work- terra cotta soldiers . . , and there
men, will look down upon the Charm is silence . . . and the shuffle-shuf-
xij o) .»|i| p|no,tt
nouncement of each verdant newcomer to the Honorary Judiciary
evokes a clapping mania. Page Hall
has again accepted the duty of
harboring the ceremonies. Ah,
nft. that
that, dedicated
ripriirntprt hall
hull thrilled
t h H i w to
the cheers and tears of the as
ney; Treasurer: Marilyn De Santa,
Margaret Williams; Student Council: Joseph Anderson, Sanford Bernstein, Robert Burns, Marie Carbone,
Dominick DeCecco, JoAnne Kazoiercik, David Kendig, James Lockhart, Joseph Swierzowski, Joseph
Taggart and Betty Van Vlack. Songleader: Patricia Hall, Bernice O'Connor; Cheerleader: Mary Lou
Pink; and Publicity Director: Margaret Culligan, Lillian Ferrara, and
Elizabeth Stapleton.
ijXno.ii|i %3 BIUO;>
The tipping of a woodpecker, no, Circle Thirteen, and smile, none- fie of feet. Myskie feet,
the tapping of Myskania, The an- the-less.
Bob Coan's name rings out from
' Continued from Page l, Column 5i
UBMI U« apivjs
State College NeWj
Myskania 1954-1955: Seated: Mary Icavone, Mary Battisti, Robert Sage, Charles Beckwith, Robert Coan,
Delores Montalbano. Standing-: Zoe Ann Laurie, Donna Hughes, Joan Carlin, John Orser, olga Komanowski, Ann Tobey, Ronald Koster.
S A Candidates . . .
Freshman Candidates
The Class of 1958 ballot contains
the following candidates: President:
Henry Aceto, David Blum, Richard
Hinck; Vice President: Joseph Barton, Patricia Corcoran, Warren
Dunham, Hubert Pelio, James Fitzsimmons, and Alfonso LaPalse. Secretary: Marie Betros, Mary Bradley,
Jacqueline Cantor, Susan Faille;
Treasurer: Wendell Fowler, Robert
Llermoe, Keith Olson, Beverly Petcoif; Student Council: Ronald Alexander, Dean Cunningham, Maria Dettmer, Eileen Lalley, Marilyn
Leach, Gail Petty, Donald Rice,
Phyllis Satz, John Stefano, Joseph
Szarek, and Enid Vigilante. Songleuder: Martha Ross, Jody Ambrosino; Cheerleader: Beverly Ross;
Publicity Director: Robert Alward,
Dennis Bruno, Susan Fusco, Mary
Ann Kuskowski, Donald Mayer,
Lloyd Seymour, Valerie Schneider,
and Lois White.
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