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Welcome to the
North Penn School District
Family Welcome Center!
The North Penn School District’s Family Welcome Center is now open at the North Penn
School District Educational Services Center, in the Office of School and Community
The center is filled with a wide range of free resources and a variety of helpful lending
books for parents and community members to borrow. These resources and books are
packed with tips to help parents with a variety of needs, including:
the adolescent years;
homework tips;
how to raise responsible children;
array of resources for our English Language Learner families;
dealing with loss and much more.
In addition, there are two laptop computers equipped with Rosetta Stone and
Oxford Dictionary software programs for those who are interested in learning
English. The center also houses a large screen TV that shows important information
and upcoming district events.
The welcome center is open to all NPSD families, students and educators and is beneficial for the new families registering in the school district.
Please visit the Family Welcome Center, located at 401 East Hancock Street in
Lansdale, during the normal office hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.