Director of Facilities and Operations North Penn School District

Director of Facilities and Operations
North Penn School District
Support Services Committee
Thomas Schneider
January 2015
Facilities Use Request
Policy 1330, Use of Facilities and Equipment establishes the process and procedures how outside groups
are able to use or rent North Penn facilities. This policy establishes seven (7) different classes of use
definitions. These classes range from district sponsored groups, local governmental groups, nonprofit
groups, for profit commercial groups and a class for all other groups. The class for all other groups, Class
7, does not outline fees and requires that the Board of School Directors approve the use and establish
the fee for the group.
We have been requested to bring forth to the Board a request for a group of residents, the Silver Bullets,
to use the Bridle Path gymnasium on Saturday mornings at a rate of $25.00 per morning for the period
starting in February through the remaining portion of the school year. The group has provided liability
insurance naming North Penn School District as additionally insured and is willing to provide all persons
partaking in the facility use.
We recommend approval of the facility use contract with the Silver Bullets at a rate of $25.00 per
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