Order MW-30 Executive Texas

Executive Order MW-30
Creating the Texas Commission on Child Support.
WHEREAS, children in single parent families represent a rapidly growing segment of our population; and.
periencing economic hardships; and
WHEREAS, there is a critical need for strengthening our child support system so that our children will receive
adequate nutrition, housing, and other basic needs essential to the health and welfare of the children of Texas; and.
I. Purpose and Functions.
the establishment of appropriate standards for support;
enforcement of interstate obligations;.
availability, cost, and effectiveness of .services to AFDC and non-AFDC children; and
the need for additional state or federal legislation.
solutions to those problems.
11. Structure.
The governor shall designate one member to serve as chairman.
IV. Operating Procedures.
9 TexReg 6160
December 7, 1984