Research Seminars Spring Term 2015-16

Research Seminars
Spring Term 2015-16
21st January
Prof. Mignon Nixon (UCL, History of Art)
War Inside: Carolee Schneemann’s Viet Flakes
11th February
Prof. Jennifer Tucker (Wesleyan University & Birkbeck Institute for
Humanities Visiting Fellow)
Facing Facts: The Significance of the Tichborne Trial (1867-1874)
in Victorian Photography, Law and Visual Imagination
25th February
Prof. Wu Hung (University of Chicago)
The Inscribed Studio Portrait as Self-image: Photographing a New
Self in Early Twentieth-Century China
3rd March
Prof. Katie Hornstein (Dartmouth College)
Beasts within: Leonine Encounters in Post-Revolutionary France
17th March
Prof. Ting Chang (University of Nottingham)
French Sinology and Gustave Caillebotte’s Portrait of Henri Cordier,
UCL History of Art, 20 Gordon Square, Seminar Room 3, 6-8pm