Japan’s Nuclear Crisis What happened? Is the U.S. at risk?

(Source: AFP)
Japan’s Nuclear Crisis
(Source: NYT)
What happened?
Is the U.S. at risk?
How will this affect
U.S. energy policy?
Join in a conversation about the events unfolding at Japan’s FukushimaDai-ichi nuclear reactor complex with faculty experts from across campus
Prof. Bill Dorland
Prof. Mohamad Al-Sheikhly
Physics & Honors College
Prof. Nate Hultman
Prof. John Steinbruner
Public Policy
Prof. Donald Milton
Public Policy
Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
Dr. Jeff Stehr
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Moderated by
Prof. Carol Rogers
Philip Merrill College of Journalism
Wednesday, March 30, at 5:00 PM
in the Special Events Room (6137) of McKeldin Library