Evening Courses Welsh Level 1 Prerequisite for entry

Evening Courses
Welsh Level 1
Prerequisite for entry
Term duration
10 x 2-hour classes.
Aims and Objectives
The aim of this course is to enable students to function at a basic everyday survival level.
Students should be able to communicate and understand Welsh on a number of practical
every day matters. The course will introduce themes towards understanding Welsh linguistics,
literature, and culture. Language learning skills, including autonomous learning and how to
approach some authentic material will be enhanced.
Flexibility is offered on each Welsh course, so that students can negotiate course content and
get what they want or need from the course. Students may suggest topics and linguistic
structures be added or removed, subject to the tutor’s agreement.
Greetings and introducing oneself and others
Meeting people formally and informally
Talking about countries and nationalities
Talking about oneself and one’s family
Likes and dislikes
Buying and ordering food and drinks (being polite and formal)
Asking for the time and talking about the weather
Asking directions (learning about instructions)
Course Content: Main topics/themes to be covered
Introducing oneself. Greetings. The alphabet.
Countries, nationalities, and languages
Jobs and professions
Numbers 1 -12 (for the clock). Numbers 11 – 100 in the decimal system. Days of the
week. Months.
Hobbies and free time
Food and drink
UCL Language Centre
Evening Courses
Places in a town
Linguistic Structures/ Phonetics
Basic rules of the pronunciation of Welsh, including intonation, and phonemes which
do not exist in English, e.g. ll, ch, and wy
Introduction to Northern vs Southern Welsh
At all levels, students will be introduced to and have the ability to practice fundamental
grammar, including the present tense, initial consonantal mutation, emphatic clauses,
negation, and interrogative forms.
Introduction to some grammatical concepts relevant to Welsh, e.g. noun cases, and
decimal vs. vigesimal, registers
The alphabet, letter changes, and using a dictionary
Present tense sentence structure
Gender of nouns and adjectives
Verbs and introduction to tenses
Anglicising influences on Welsh
Etymology of place names on the island of Great Britain
Learning Resources
King, Gareth ‘Basic Welsh’
UCL Language Centre
Evening Courses