Evening Courses Welsh Level 3+ Prerequisite for entry

Evening Courses
Welsh Level 3+
Prerequisite for entry
Successful completion of Welsh 3, or equivalent
Term duration
10 x 2-hour classes.
Aims and Objectives
The aim of this course is to enable students to communicate and interact at an intermediate
level, and to further develop skills and knowledge in the target language, its sociolinguistic
position, and its culture.
Flexibility is offered on each Welsh course, so that students can negotiate course content and
get what they want or need from the course. Students may suggest topics and linguistic
structures be added or removed, subject to the tutor’s agreement.
Showing agreement or disagreement
Discussing the cause of an action or event
Discussing the future, predictions, and possibilities
Express hypothesis and creativity
Distinguishing Northern and Southern Welsh
Idioms and proverbs
Course Content: Main topics/themes to be covered
Advantages and disadvantages of living in a city
Nature and agriculture
Social norms and stereotypes
Political and social tensions between North, South, and England
Saunders Lewis and 20th Century Nationalist Literature
Grammar / Linguistic Structure
At all levels, students will be introduced to and have the ability to practice fundamental
grammar, including the present tense, initial consonantal mutation, emphatic clauses,
negation, and interrogative forms.
Expression and structures required for debating, opinion, and disagreement
UCL Language Centre
Evening Courses
Northern vs Southern vocabulary
How words are invented: both formally and colloquially
Learning Resources
King, Gareth ‘Intermediate Welsh Reader’
King, Gareth ‘Modern Welsh’
UCL Language Centre
Evening Courses