Evening Courses Welsh Level 2+ Prerequisite for entry

Evening Courses
Welsh Level 2+
Prerequisite for entry
Successful completion of Welsh 2, or equivalent
Term duration
10 x 2-hour classes.
Aims and Objectives
The aim of this course is to build on students’ elementary knowledge of Welsh, including
linguistics, culture, and literature. This course aims to expand vocabulary range and
understanding of grammatical concepts, so that students may engage in every day
conversation and understand why they should choose to speak in Welsh over English.
Flexibility is offered on each Welsh course, so that students can negotiate course content and
get what they want or need from the course. Students may suggest topics and linguistic
structures be added or removed, subject to the tutor’s agreement.
Arranging appointments (time and place)
Offering assistance
Expressing opinion
Discussing health
Discussing car repairs
Course Content: Main topics/themes to be covered
Going to see the doctor
Describing and illness or injury
Describing problems
Describing things one should or needs to do
Introduction to poetry
Grammar / Linguistic Structures
At all levels, students will be introduced to and have the ability to practice fundamental
grammar, including the present tense, initial consonantal mutation, emphatic clauses,
negation, and interrogative forms.
Modal verbs
Using prepositional phrases
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Evening Courses
Noun clauses
Perfect tense
Future tense
Poetic ploys
Learning Resources
King, Gareth ‘Basic Welsh’
King, Gareth ‘Intermediate Welsh Reader’
UCL Language Centre
Evening Courses