Evening Courses Modern Greek Level 5+ (Common European Framework Level B1)

Evening Courses
Modern Greek Level 5+
(Common European Framework Level B1)
Prerequisite for entry
Having completed level 5 or the equivalent.
Term duration
10 x 2-hour classes.
After 20 hours students may progress to proficiency.
Aims and Objectives
To enable students further develop their skills (in listening, speaking, reading and
writing) in Modern Greek in a variety of everyday situations;
To further develop awareness of aspects of Greek culture within a European / global
A communicative method of teaching / learning is fostered, although aspects of grammar
are covered as well. Students are aided to reflect on their learning skills and experiential /
autonomous learning is encouraged, including the use of interactive ICT material.
Functions & Course Content
Descriptions on local festivals; institutions (e.g. marriage); ecology
Exchange information on local festivals; institutions; ecology; express wishes
Talk about local festivals; institutions; ecology; with a good degree of accuracy
Civilisation, history, mythology etc ...
Vocabulary related to proverbs
Write on topics related to local festivals; institutions; ecology; write instruction manuals
using specialised vocabulary; write extensive letters and invitations
Linguistic Structures
Vocative case of nouns and adjectives (singular and plural)
Adjectives –ης, -ης, -ες
Passive voice of verbs in –όµαι and its use
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International Education
Evening Courses
Pronouns: interrogatives and relatives (revision)
Learning Resources
The course is based on Επικοινωνήστε Ελληνικά / Communicate in Greek 3 (by Cleanthis
Arvanitakis and Froso Arvanitaki, Deltos Publishers, Athens, the latest edition). An exercise
book and a CD accompany the textbook.
Students will also study the mystery story Περιπέτεια στη Μάνη /Αdventure in Mani (by Neni
Kolethra, Deltos Publishers, Athens 2006) or Κανάλι 35/Chanel 35 (by Lili Exarxopoulou , Deltos
Publishers, Athens 2000)
Greek B, A method of teaching Greek as a foreign language, by Eirini Pathiaki et al.
Patakis, Athens 2001
Learn Greek: Even better, by Maria Antoniou et al., Kedros, Athens 2010
Greek, A Comprehensive Grammar of the Modern Language, by David Holton et al.,
Routledge, London 1999
Akou na this, by Froso Arvanitaki and Lelia Panteloglou, Deltos Publishers, Athens 1998
(book and CD)
Learning Modern Greek, by Smaro Vogiatzidou, University Studio Press Publishers,
Thessaloniki 2002 (textbook, exercise book, book for oral practice and audio-tapes)
Greek for immigrants, refugees and foreigns Level B, by Eleni Demiri et al., Metaigmio,
Athens 2002
Secrets spelling: lessons in Greek spelling, by Lelia Panteloglou, Deltos, Athens, 2009
The language that we speak in Greece, the Greek as a foreign language, by Maria
Spyropoulou et al., University Studio Press, Thessaloniki 2004
Greek is a game, by Fani Balsamaki et al., Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki
Publishers, Thessaloniki 2003 (variety of activities)
Greek in the world search puzzle, by Sapfo Tloupa, University Studio, Press, Thessaloniki
Στη χώρα του Αριστοτέλη / In the land of Aristotle, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki
1994 (videotapes)
World Talk Greek, Eurotalk Interactive, 1999 (CD-ROM)
Filoglossia 3,4 Institute for Language and Speech Processing, 2001 (CD-ROM)
In addition there is a wide range of language learning materials for self-study in the SelfAccess Centre.
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Evening Courses