Infrastructure sharing: some practical responses Session 1

Session 1
Infrastructure sharing:
some practical
Russell Southwood,CEO
Balancing Act
Overcoming market blockages
9 What is “the prize” for developing countries that
build high-capacity networks?
9 Obstacles to achieving the prize
9 Bottleneck facilities, trust and investment
issues and the changing role of the incumbent
9 Civil war legacy issues and responsibilities
9 Un-served or under-serviced areas
9 The policy objective is to speed up delivery of
“the prize”
Practical responses?
9 Strategic or tactical? Government there for
the long run or out once things are in
9 What might private public partnership
9 National infracos? Functional separation?
9 JVs to share major build-outs?
9 Facilitating rights of way/duct sharing?
9 Sharing through equipment vendors?
9 Greenfield operators?
What’s a Fiber Network?
9 MBC Installed highly advanced single mode fiber
cable (SMF-28E)
9 24 strands minimum to all industrial parks
9 Strands connect to one or two MBC Nodes
Example 1:
9Stockab, Sweden
Duct sharing
Example 2:
Broadband Co-operative, USA
Co-located access points
Example 3:
9SERPANT, Ireland
9Any questions?
9Russell Southwood