Teaching Listening Skills and Note-taking Strategies to High School Students

Teaching Listening Skills and Note-taking Strategies to High School Students
Project PRIZE, Fall 2015
Dr. Franca Ferrari-Bridgers, Speech Communication, Department of Speech
Communication and Theatre Arts
Speech students create a series of micro-lectures about listening skills and
strategies on note-taking. Students then teach the lectures to high school
students enrolled in the Project Prize Enrichment Program.
Course Objectives:
1) Communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening and
2) Use analytical reasoning to identify issues or problems and evaluate
evidence in order to make informed decisions
3) Use information management and technology skills effectively for
academic research and lifelong learning
4) Develop the student as a speaker in interpersonal communications,
problem-solving group discussion, and as a “public” speaker
Partner and Partner Interests:
Through afterschool, Saturday and summer components, Project PRIZE
provides comprehensive services to students, including academic support,
counseling, college preparation, and workforce preparation.
Project PRIZE students had the opportunity to interact with and learn
from college students while building essential academic skills.
Using the informative and persuasive speech techniques learned during
the semester, speech students had opportunity to practice their public
speaking and presentation skills during this interactive event. The
presentations were designed to teach Project PRIZE students these skills
while also giving them the opportunity to put the skills into practice as the
presentations progressed. The Project Prize students were asked to take
what they learned to teach to their peers who were not in attendance.