Gavilan College AMT 110 Cabin Environmental Control Systems Worksheet #1

Gavilan College AMT 110
Cabin Environmental Control Systems
Worksheet #1
Points: 24
List two ways of provide oxygen at high altitudes:
3. High-pressure oxygen cylinders are typically what color?
4. Oxygen cylinders for aircraft shall have what marking on it to indicate the type of oxygen?
5. How do you turn off a solid oxygen generator?
6. Where will you find the latest hydrostatic test date for a steel tank?
7. Why do you not let an oxygen tank get below 50 PSI?
List two types of regulators used to dispense oxygen:
10. Tubing for oxygen should have what text on it?
11. Tubing for oxygen should have what marking symbols?
12. How do prevent oxygen for rushing in to quickly?
13. From the exterior of an aircraft, how can you detect an oxygen system over pressure
14. When using a multi-tank oxygen servicing cart, which cylinder do you open first?
15. The altitude that has the same pressure as the in the cabin is called?
16. The difference between the air pressure inside the cabin and the pressure outside the cabin is
17. The rate of change of pressure inside the cabin is called?
18. The process of compressing air (lowers or raises) the air temperature.
19. What is the most common source of pressurization for a modern reciprocating engine
List two pressurization control modes:
22. Which pressurization control mode provides a constant cabin pressure as the aircraft climbs?
23. What is the name of the valve used to control the cabin pressure?
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24. What is used to prevent the pressure difference between the cabin and outside air from
exceeding safe levels?
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