English 11 Makeup Assignment 3

General English 11 Make-up Assignment 3
Goal: To be able to edit an essay
Directions: Edit the descriptive essay below. Print the essay as it is and use editing marks to correct any
mistakes you find. You will get a point for each correct correction made. You can earn up to 40 points.
my favorite place in the world is a small rustic log cabin in northern maine. Its not fancy – not even
close even so their is no where else Id rather be. The inside of the cabin is plane and small but thats not
the part of the cabin that matters. Inside the cabin is only used for sleep and to play monopoly in on the
rare rainy day. Its the outside of the cabin that really matters its where everything important happens
a round the cabin is a deck where the cooking and eating take place every evening. The meals
always consist of wonderful summer foods – blueberrys picked on the island we canoed to that morning
fresh corn on the cob bought on the side of the raod fish from my uncles morning adventure. And
sometimes, lobster.
From the deck you can see the other amazing thins about the cabin in maine the lake itself.
Since its in maine its never very warm but that never stopped me and my sisters from swimming the
sunsets there are absolutely beautiful and sometimes it hard to tell if there brighter in the sky or the
reflection in the lake.
There are alot of trees surrounding the lake and the cabin and the best place to catch a nap is in
the hammock set up between two of those trees. The trees also hold the night air and the mornings
are always chilly you can’t change into your shorts until well after youve had breakfast probably
blueberry pancakes.
Its not much but its everything. Maine is summer to me. It is icecream every afternoon and it is a fire
every night. Its boating and swimming and naps in the hammock its my grandmother and grandfather
its vacation and its home. This little cabin in the middle of nowehere is my favoriite place in the world
because it still seems as if its in a very different world. There is where I with I could stay.