Find and select to be able to select multiple walls... Click Add Click +

Find and select to be able to select multiple walls in the house.
Click Add
Click +
To end up with this.
Double click on wall
Change to:
Click on Interior
Click the +
Then double click on wall then change the settings to:
Exit find and select
Double click first floor, then double click slab
Then click ok
Click on this
Make sure your still on Slab
Click on corner of house and drag the square to other corner to create the bottom of floor.
Double click on second floor and change slab settings
Do ctrl L to click on Guide Line Segment
This button is for guide lines
Click create guideline segment.
Then click on Slab
then click on the guideline and drag it out to the other side of the wall.
Make sure you see this when you click on the line
Now click on Options, Element attributes, then materials
Change the color you want and click on duplicate
Click OK
Click Ctrl F
Finished Product for class