Foundations Plans

Foundations Plans
Every structure needs a foundation. The function of a foundation is to provide a level and uniformly distributed support for the structure. The foundation must be strong enough to support and distribute the
load of the structure and sufficiently level to prevent the walls from cracking and the doors and windows
from sticking. The foundation also helps to prevent cold or warm air and dampness from entering the
structure from beneath. The footing distributes the weight of the structure over a large area. The footing
is usually always made from concrete because it can withstand heavy weights and is virtually decrayproff. The are generally two types of foundation a concrete slab foundation and a raised foundation
made from piers and columns
Interior t foundation detail
Exterior t foundation detail
Pier foundation detail
Typical slab foundation detail
Typical slab bearing wall detail
Foundation Components
Foundation relationship to grade
Foundation application to terrain
Foundation orientation
Foundation Plan