Take a 1 week, 3 credit course in beautiful

Take a 1 week, 3 credit course in beautiful
Traverse City, Michigan!
Technology Management 592: (TM 592)
This one week class is from June 18 -24. Contact Dr. Al Bellamy for details like lodging, requirements, and expectations:
734-487-1864 or abellamy@emich.edu. Registration begins February 9, 2016
Learn This...
This one week course will describe the structure and processes of Virtual
Teams. The utilization of work teams in private and government organizations has proliferated exponentially over the past decade. The reasons
behind this growth relates to the need to discover more cost effective
approaches for managing human resources. It also pertains to the idea
that team based processes lead to higher quality decision making and it
enhances the flexibility and adaptability of organizations for responding
rapidly to environmental changes. This course will discuss the management challenges involved in coordinating queless work environments.