‘My research journey started with a

‘My research journey started with a
feeling, just a feeling that something
wasn’t right. Going from that feeling to
asking why, and finding out what works
is the key.’
Action research is important
because it lights a spark in the
darkness of the system; it lights a
spark in the mentality of the
people who do not want to
change; and it lights a spark in
the school by making people
believe that they own the changes
that can be made in any learning
We need to stop focusing
on our concerns and pay
more attention to our
students’ concerns. As a
result of this project, I feel
that I am more
empathetic. We forget
that we were students
too, and that we also had
fears and doubts.’
‘These students really need
to feel that someone
believes in them and that
they can achieve their
goals... I can say that this
project has benefited me
in so many ways. It has
helped me to improve my
teaching skills, but also to
develop a better
relationship with my
students, and colleagues.’
‘Research is a wonderful tool
and opportunity to begin that
change we so desperately
‘With this exploratory process I
discovered that I was expecting
something from my students
but I was not giving them
something they needed first. I
think when you ‘see’ something
wrong in class, you should stop,
reflect on that issue, collect
data, analyse it and action plan
‘From now on the way I
teach listening will be
different and according to
what the group requires,
and I have realised that
with a simple action I can
change and improve what
I am doing in the
I heard my students.
I saw myself