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American University Phonathon Program
Student Caller Position Application
Position Requirements
• Attend a minimum of 4 shifts per biweekly period
• Perform three asks set for each constituent and two credit card asks for each pledge
• Utilize program script to engage alumni; confirm contact and gift information through
SmartCall computer software
Name: ________________________________________________________________
AU ID No: ____________________________
Phone: (____) __________________________
School (KSB, SPA, etc): _____________ Graduation Year:_____________________
Course Load for Semester of Employment (i.e. 15 credits):___________________
Where do you reside? _______ ON CAMPUS _____ OFF CAMPUS
Currently Employed? ______ YES ________ NO
If so, please list employer name and average hours worked per week.
Student Activities/Involvement For Preferred Semester of Employment:
*Please include hours necessary for each activity per week.
* Please note that these are shift times. Check (X) days where you are available for the entire time
Monday (5:45-9:30 PM)
Tuesday (5:45-9:30 PM)
Wednesday (5:45-9:30 PM)
Thursday (5:45-9:30 PM
Sunday (5:15-9:00 PM)
Please answer the following questions in the space provided.
1) Our primary goal at the Phonathon is to increase alumni engagement in the AU community.
If you were to call an alumni, what is an example of what you would say to explain why it is
important for alumni to be engaged and why should they give back to AU?
2) Phonathon work hours take place during evening hours and employees must possess strong
phone skills to raise funds for the university. Considering these requirements, please explain
why you should be considered for the position.
3) Imagine that after your conversation with an alum, they state that they are unable to give
due to student loans. In order to continue the conversation and raise funds for the university,
how would you respond?
Reference 1
Name: _______________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________________________
Company Name/Title: __________________________________________________
Reference 2
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________________________
Company Name/Title: ________________________________________________
The information I have furnished on this application form is complete. I understand that any false
or misleading information given on this application form may result in rejection of the
application, or if I am employed by the university, in the termination of my employment. I also
understand that if hired, I am required to follow all duties put forth in the given job description.
Further, I understand that an offer of employment is contingent upon my submitting the
required Form I-9, including evidence of identity and work authorization.