City of Charlotte Construction Contract Opportunities Self Performance Form C

Form C
City of Charlotte
Construction Contract Opportunities
Self Performance
SBO Program Part B, §5.6
Bidders that elect to self-perform all of a Construction Contract where the KBU has identified
subcontracting opportunities must comply with each of the following GFE provisions. Failure to do so
shall constitute grounds for rejection of the Bid. Bidders that intend to self perform all of a Construction
Contract are required to submit their documentation to the SBO Liaison at least 14 calendar days prior to
the Bid Opening to obtain clearance for self performance.
Project Name:
By signature on this form, the Bidder certifies in its Bid that (i) it is licensed, qualified and able to perform
all aspects of the Contract without subcontracting and (ii) it has a valid business reason for selfperforming all work on the Contract as opposed to subcontracting with an SBE. Bidder must describe the
valid business reason for self-performing below
Bidder must submit with its Bid documentation sufficient to demonstrate to the City’s reasonable
satisfaction the validity of such assertions. Valid business reasons include:
Does the Bidder possess special skill-based qualifications that the SBE does
not possess?
Is there a significant increase in the cost for the SBE to perform the scope of
work instead of the Bidder? (Use Form B to document costs.)
Are there other factors as the SBO Program Manager may deem valid in this
particular instance?
For KBU Compliance Review
Did the Bidder submit copies of any quotes the
Bidder received from Interested SBEs with the
Bidder’s Bid, along with a comparison of the SBEs
quote with the Bidder’s costs and expenses for
doing such work?
Initials of representative
for KBU.
SBEs may approach the Bidder about possible subcontracting opportunities on the project by virtue of having
received notice of the project from the City or through other means. In such event, the Bidder must comply with the
Good Faith Negotiation requirements of Part B, §4 in evaluating and responding to any SBE quotes or inquiries the
Bidder receives in connection with the project.
SBO 18