Mecklenburg County Common Code Defects Residential Building

Mecklenburg County
Common Code Defects
Residential Building
Code Defects
Over notching of load bearing studs for installation of mechanical components.
Code Description
Section R 602.6 Drilling and Notching Studs
Any stud in an exterior or bearing wall may be cut or notched to a depth not
exceeding 25% of its width (7/8” for 2x4 and 1-3/8” for 2x6). Studs in
nonbearing location may be notched 40% (2X4= 1-3/8”, 2X6= 2-3/16”) of its
width. Any stud may be bored or drilled, provided the diameter of the
resulting hole is no greater than 40% of the stud width and no closer than
5/8” to an edge. The hole must not be in a notched section of the stud.
Possible Options:
1. Doubled studs allow a bored hole to be up to 60% (2X4= 2-1/8”, 2X6= 3-5/16) of the
stud width providing not more than 2 successive studs are modified.
2. Notching can be increased to 65% (2X4= 2-1/4”, 2X6= 3-9/16”)of the stud width if
the stud is reinforced with ½” plywood on one side from floor to ceiling and 1 stud
past modified stud on each side.
3. Stud may be repaired using an approved stud shoe with in manufacture’s
Disclaimer: There may be other ways to comply with the Code. If so, you are not
required to use this method to comply with the Code. You may want to
investigate other options, or consult with a design professional identifying an
equally code compliant solution.