Tire Studding directions

Studding tires that don’t have factory stud holes:
Inflate tire to 30 psi or so. The tire has to be solid because you will be pushing hard.
Make sure the depth stop is fastened securely to the 1/8” Brad point drill bit. If it slips, you will have to
patch the tube.
I drilled one stud hole per tire cleat. I set the depth so that the body of the stud is 1/32” above the tire.
Studding is easier with a warm tire. Put the studs in a container with a mix of liquid soap and water.
I set the tire vertically on a chair and trapped it between the chair and the workbench, so I would not
have to bend over.
Fill a turkey baste bulb with liquid soap and water. Squirt some in each hole before you stud.
Set your pressure regulator to 120 psi if you can get it.
Insert the 3 fingers on the end of the gun in the hole and stretch the hole a couple times before you
insert a stud into the stud gun. Do this until the plunger fully extends. You will need to push down
Put a stud in the hole on the top of the gun, butt end first.
10. Put the 3 fingers back in the hole and push down hard.
11. Pull the trigger and hold it. Watch the stud go into the hole.
12. There will be a barely audible click when the stud passes the ends of the fingers.
13. Release the trigger and remove the gun.
14. Repeat this many, many times.
15. If the stud goes in crooked or is not deep enough, you can pull it back out with a pliers and install it
16. Do not exceed 50 mph for the first 300 miles. This gives the studs time to seat properly.