Mecklenburg County Common Code Defects Commercial- Building

Mecklenburg County
Common Code Defects
Commercial- Building
Code Defects
• Fireblocking missing in wood frame construction in double tenant wall
at 10’ horizontal spacing
Code Description
Section 717.2.2 item b.
Fireblocking shall be provided in concealed spaces of stud walls and
partitions, including furred spaces, and parallel rows of studs or staggered
studs, as follows:
a. Vertically at the ceiling and floor levels
b. Horizontally at intervals not exceeding 10’
Possible Options:
Between wall cavities in double wall systems the void can be filled with an
approved fireblocking material as listed in Section 717.2.1 to include filling
the void every 10’ with fiberglass insulation or entire double wall cavity filled
with insulation; or install ¾” plywood, ½ sheetrock or 2x nominal lumber
every 10’ in such a way that there are no voids top or bottom and any
penetrations through this vertical fireblocking material are sealed.
Disclaimer: There may be other ways to comply with the Code. If so, you are not
required to use this method to comply with the Code. You may want to
investigate other options, or consult with a design professional identifying an
equally code compliant solution.